Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th's Favorite Picture

Talia had a good time lighting up the sky with Bruce and a few neighbors last night.
(Ella was fast asleep even though it sounded like a major war was happening right outside!)

Here is my favorite picture from our 4th of July.
Followed by this.
Each one is priceless. 
God Bless America. :)


  1. Love the expressions on her face ... just too precious!

  2. Their faces are hilarious!!

  3. loooooooove!

    (both the header and pictures)

    texas is burning to the ground (literally), so no fireworks for us. actually thankful for that because i dont think common sense would have been enough to stop a lot of people.

    that being said, thanks for sharing your fireworks experience w/ us! :)

  4. I'm pretty sure I was already in bed when this was going on. After one loud blast I rolled over and told Eric "I swear that was right outside our bedroom window." :) Looks like I was pretty close, ha! We were so tired from traveling back and were total losers on the 4th.


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