Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Thank you for the encouraging words you emailed and posted on The Last post. We are all (even Bruce) realizing the house is too quiet. I miss Thurston's jingling dog tags, seeing his sweet face first thing in the morning, and how picked up my house was. I had never been more motivated to pick up my shoes, and with gusto he cleaned the floors in the kitchen and dining room. Thurston and I were a cleaning machine. I guess I'll need to get to know my broom a little better again now that I'm flying solo.
My sister gave Ella a butterfly garden for her birthday.
We had two butterflies survive.
On Friday the butterflies appeared...the same day we let Thurston go.
Last night we let them go into the wild of 95 degrees.
After noticing that we had real live butterflies, the second thing I noticed was that there was blood in our butterfly "sanctuary".
Do you see it in the left hand corner? The cocoons are hanging above.
Blood indicates pain, a struggle of some sort, right?
A pain and struggle accompanying a change you didn't see coming.
Have you ever wanted to silence a blaring metaphor because it speaks
a little too loudly on a day that you'd rather not hear it? 
That was me last Friday.
Today, I can appreciate it.


  1. LOVE it. Sometimes when something clicks like this for me it takes a few days to process...it can almost seem surreal, but in a very uplifting way. Thankful for these moments and that you took the time to share. And still so sorry that your heart is aching...

  2. KimmyDial@aol.comJuly 13, 2011 at 7:04 AM

    Kimberlee, I'm so sorry your still missing Thurston but I had to laugh when I read about your floors & having to renew your relationship with your broom. Years ago I had a Yorkie who almost completely eliminated the need for me to sweep up anything ... oh how I missed her! As for the struggle & the butterflies ... true beauty seldom comes easy :)

  3. Your pics of the the butterflies are amazing. I'm glad they brought you encouragement. We've done the butterfly gardens twice and both times I had more "life lessons" from watching them than I can count. Reminder at the power of God and how He transforms all things into something beautiful!


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