Thursday, July 7, 2011

For Davis, With Love.

Photo courtesy of Meg.
This is my friend Amy. Amy lives too far away from me, but we connected instantly and she became a close friend after just a few emails. Her youngest, Ben, has Down syndrome. And what I loved about Amy before I met her was that I could ask her anything and she would just lay it out there in honesty before me. Last January I got to meet Amy for real at Craft Weekend. (I cried the moment I saw her sweet face at the airport.) Shortly after that, she shared with me a desire to add to their family another little boy with Down syndrome through Reece's Rainbow. And now she and her husband John, and their three children are in the middle of the adoption process!!!!

This is Davis, Amy's and John's new son. 
(I love saying that, Amy!)
 Those brown eyes melt my heart.
For the next two weeks, Amy is hosting a fundraiser on her blog to help bring Davis home. There are so many generous people who have donated items to help Amy raise the money. I'm not sure if you've heard, but adoption is expensive. And international adoptions are really really expensive. 

For $10 you can enter your name in the drawing for some amazing stuff, including this iPad 2.

For a donation of $50, you get 20 chances.
Is that awesome or what?

You could also win this.

Or, you could win one of about 20 some other awesome things. There isn't one thing that I wouldn't personally mind winning!

Read their story. 
Facebook it
Blog it. 
Tweet it. 
And donate, if you can.

I don't want to grow tired of doing good things, do you?

Davis is worth it.

Let's keep doing good things together, okay?


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