Monday, July 25, 2011


I saw these pink glass ornaments in a box at the auction last week and knew I wanted them. I've been on on the lookout for all kinds of these for more than a year.
So, when the auctioneer got to the box that they were in, they threw four other boxes in with it.
I ended up buying five boxes of Christmas stuff to get these pink glass ornaments...for one dollar!
I sorted through the boxes and ended up keeping two of the five. (The other three boxes have already been delivered to our local thrift store.) I discovered 14 more boxes of glass ornaments within those boxes. Score!
All of this Christmas in July was a hit with Ella.
She asked to put up the tree at least 10 times.
I also scored this very heavy cake plate for a dollar.
And a hairdryer for free.
Can you believe no one wanted it? Ha.
I really just loved the white case.
I have a recent obsession with white.
If it's white I can't help myself.
And when it's free, well then why bother talking myself out of it?

Do you have things you just can't say no to if you see them and they are good deal?
Even if you don't know what you're going to do with them?
What are you drawn to right now? Tell me!


  1. the pink ornaments look fun! I wouldve been tempted to throw a tree up!

  2. I have the same cake stand. I love it. It sits on my counter. Did you know that if you turn the plate upside down and turn the lid over, the knob of the lid will fit in the stem of the plate and it turns into a punch bowl.

    Love, love, love the ornaments!

  3. How fun! I was going to mention the same thing that Kim said...I have the same cake stand, too! It's so great! We used it as a trifle dish recently.

  4. what??? i see an ornament wreath in your future!

  5. I'm addicted to coffee mugs! My obsession started when I worked at Starbucks in highschool. We got a % off all merchandise. So I would buy a few here and there. I literally have to pull myself away from them! Our mug cabinet is overflowing!
    Love the ornaments. I'm with Ella- let's put up the tree!

  6. We definitely need to go to an auction together sometime!
    Mrs. B.

    p.s. Thanks for the delicious cookies:)


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