Friday, July 8, 2011

The Last.

Yesterday Ella had her last day of summer school.
Today Talia has her last swimming lesson.
We had our last morning with Thurston before I took him back to the Humane Society. Some of you already know that we have had quite a time of teaching him not to bite.
It was more than puppy biting. It was elevating a little more each day and Bruce and I couldn't think about our girls getting seriously hurt.
I chose not to wear makeup today...what would be the point?
So, right now I hurt. I cried the UGLY cry the 30 minutes over there, the 20 minutes it took me to fill out the paperwork, the five minutes I said goodbye to him, and the 30 minutes home. Only to walk into the house and cry because it was too quiet and then cry some more when I opened our bedroom doors for the first time in two months to keep Thurston from eating anything and everything inside.
For those of you who have had a family pet for years and had to part with it, either by death or choosing, I grieve for you in an entirely new way today. 
I suspect I will grieve for those of you who will do so in the future.
He was a part of my family.
My youngest son.
I loved him, yes, but I love my girls more.


  1. im sorry kimberlee.
    that is stinky.

  2. I'm really sorry for your loss. We've had to make a similar decision in the past, and it was definitely a whole toss of emotions - guilt, doubt, sadness, confusion, relief, etc...I hope after a few days your family can enjoy some peace of mind. Perhaps mom needs a little trip to margaritaville with some good girlfriends?...I know that always helps me! lol Beth vancouver island, british columbia, canada

  3. Look at the bright side: you have a husband who combs your kids' hair. Too cute!

  4. Oh no! I'm so sad for you. I had no idea you were having that bad of a time with biting! Well, if it's any consolation I would have totally done the same if Shelby hadn't stopped.

  5. oh kimberlee.
    this is heartbreaking.
    i am so sorry you had to make this tough decision.
    maybe we should have some margaritas and chat.
    wouldn't that be nice?
    i think it would really help!
    (trying to be funny here to lighten the mood...i really am so sorry!)

  6. :( glad nobody is getting bitten, but so so sad with you.
    so sorry.

  7. So sorry to hear that.
    THe picture of Talia at the pool is such a good shot!
    Hope your day tomorrow is a better one of "firsts" instead of sad "lasts".

  8. Kimberlee :*( I can 'say' no more my friend.

  9. I am crying just reading this. I am thinking of you!!!! Thanks for sharing...

  10. I've been lurking on your blog, but never commented. I had to take my puppy to the Humane Shelter a few years ago after he attacked me. I still have scars on my inner thighs from the bites. I bought that puppy to have someone to cuddle with during my 'single white female' apartment years :) Despite the attack, I loved that stupid dog and sobbed hysterically through the whole process. You made the right choice, but ... oh! why is it necessary? What makes those dogs bite?!

  11. we had to give our turtles (yes, TURTLES) away when i was pregnant with kayla due to salmonella risk (i can't believe i am even typing this... can i sound any dorkier??!) and i sobbed all the way home. and our dog is getting older and i know won't be with us too much longer. i can't even handle thinking about it. so i do understand your pain. but i think you are wise and smart. and you need to put your first babies first. thinking about you, friend! sad with you.

  12. We hated to give up Milkshake, but had to when we moved into an apartment. Was glad the people who bought our house could take him, but upset when they changed his name before the deal was final!

  13. I'm feeling your loss,even though he didn't die but because you andyour family had to make the hard decsion to find Thruston a new home. I've had those too! They just didn't work out so I too have made the trip to Newton for several cats dogs. But we knew we couldn't handle themm like our black lab we had for about 2months but due to my health along with Axel's high ennergy we put an add in the Newton Kansasan,he found a great home,then end up going to Missiori,since he bounded with her sis,along with she had another lab named Harley. We now have a new puppy named Izabell who is almost 8 months old part pom/maltess. Now back to putting things up along with a very picky eater. She ahs gone through at least 5 kinds of puppy food including the high dollar ones. Well I hope one day you will be able to have a pet for the girls but you made a very hard decsion. D


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