Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The One Where I Pretend to Be a Photographer

Last month when we were at the beach, my Mom asked me if I would take a few pictures of she and my Dad.
Because I can't resist taking pictures of people I love, I agreed.
Meet my parents, Sandi and Lee.
I think they are laughing because in between shots they were doing this.
I love it that my parents are in love, and that they aren't afraid to show it.
In high school I did plenty of eye rolling over this.
The kissing in between shots continued, and I threw out something that children shouldn't say to their parents. Notice my Mom's instant "Mom" look and my Dad's giddy laugh.
The sun was disappearing on us, so we moved to the beach.
I learned on this trip that my Dad thinks that shots of people walking away are sad.
I personally love them.
But it totally makes sense, if you know my Dad. He hates to see anyone leave because the time that was spent together is now in the past.
Which is why he loves to see people coming his way. It means that the present is leading to an immediate future of togetherness. And that I get completely.

Here's to more togetherness: at the beach, in your marriage, and of course with us.
I love you both.


  1. Great pictures! I love your parents! They are terrific people.
    Mrs. B.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these! The photos absolutely capture who your mom & dad are! They are fantastic! (the pictures AND your parents) Love them!

  3. Love the photos of two very special people who are in love. You have beautiful parents, so many valuable lessons to learn from them!

  4. Of course, my favorite is the picture of them walking away. I see it as they are walking into the future, everything is before them and so much is coming. Plus, the color and lines are amazing :) Great job!

  5. What treasures you have there ... I declare I can hear the laughter & feel the love! Thanks for sharing!

  6. your parents have such friendly faces!
    and i love how you used the rule of thirds.
    great job, pretend photog!

  7. You did awesome!! I LOVE seeing parents in LOVE!! I want to be like that forever!

  8. Beautiful picts! Great expressions!
    Your parents are such a cute couple! I still remember them pulling over to kiss in MN when they got to the site of their first kiss.

  9. I loved those photos and I know how great your folks are! You are quite a daughter!!! Janice


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