Friday, December 31, 2010

What's Minnesota?

A week ago we drove to Minnesota.
Bruce and I talked the entire way.
Ella and Talia watched movies.
On the way there, Talia asked, "What's Minnesota?" about 20 times.
 "Minnesota is where Mommy grew up."
"What's grew up?"
"Minnesota is where Mommy was a little girl."
"Like me?"
"Just like you."

New Ulm, MN...where I was born.

My girls don't like to wear mittens. They learned shortly after this shot that they really do need to wear them.
Talia fell in a snowbank when we crossed the street and cried, "I'm all wet." I remember those days.

The guys spent some time playing in the snow, too.
Ella surprised us all when she said she wanted to ride. She loved it!
Little man Isaiah let Ella go ahead of him. What a gentleman. :)
I took this from my Auntie Mary's picture window in her living room. Isn't it dreamy to LOOK at?
The sky looked even bluer than usual against the blanket of white.
In the next few days I'll have a few more posts about our trip north.
For now, though, if you've been without snow and wanted some, I'm sure Minnesota won't mind if you ogle theirs. Actually, I know plenty of people who live there that wish you'd just take it with you.You can put on boots and mittens if you want to.
I'm pretty sure that's what Talia thinks Minnesota is.
For some extra Ella and Talia fun, check out my girls on the A Little Knitting blog.  
Carisa's not just my personal knitter, she's a Hyacinth to me. And she knows what that means.
Click over and let her know how much you love her and her knitted styles.


  1. Great pictures! Looks like a fun trip and I totally got what the "she's a Hyacinth to me" is :) Love it.
    P.S. the girls look adorable in their hats!

  2. I am happy to have Minnesota keep all of the snow - I am not a fan! The girls look cute in their hats!

  3. Oh, you! That was great! Happy to be a Hyacinth!!!

    On the way to Iowa, Quin asked about a dozen times before we got to KC, "are we in Iywa yet? It's a two syllable word to her..."

  4. your pictures look SO GOOD Kim.
    beautiful and crisp!

    can't wait to see you tomorrow.
    happy new year girl!

  5. I love this! We just got back from MN yesterday, and had so much fun sledding, playing and loving the snow. Our boys loved it, and I miss it. I think I forgot that you grew up there. happy new year!

    amanda bartel

  6. Remember when we went to camp in Texas and all they knew about Minnesota was that we have lots of snow? And they asked us if it was ever warm enough to lay out?

  7. Love Talia's questions. Love Main Street New Ulm's decor. Love Ella's adventure on the ATV. Love the gorgeousness of the snow pictures.

  8. Awesome pics! Looks like fun...we got a white Christmas in SD too!

  9. The snow pictures are Beautiful!! It makes me miss my beautiful Big Bear City, CA. We have a cabin there but it is rented full time now so no snow for us. Oh well I got to enjoy your beautiful pictures from the warmth of my home. LOL Blessings in the new year, and your girls are so sweet.

  10. The snow pictures were beautiful and I loved the main street picture. But that's as close to snow as I want to get. Hats are adorable!

  11. I came to your site from Meg's to find your corn recipe...I saw Minnesota and followed the my surprise I saw something familiar where I now live...New Ulm! ha you have to love Blogland! You should plan a traveling Craft Weekend we can have it at the Lind House! I love seeing what you Kansas gals are up too my friend and I have even discussed getting on you Cw waiting list...I could bring you Backerei treats! Take care and thanks for sharing your talents and creativity with all of us! -Jen


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