Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gleek Out!

Thanks to Netflix I'm catching up on Glee from the beginning. Molly, Marjie asked me about it in Virginia and  my sister has said more than once, "I can't believe you're not watching!" So to appease them, and feed my curiosity, I started with disc one and am now on disc three of the first season.

If you're into Glee tell me about it. I'm just getting on this bandwagon, and I'd like to know who's riding with me.
Who of you are watching?
What's your favorite episode so far??? Mine is Preggers where Kurt joins the football team and the team ends up scoring while performing "Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)"...admittedly it made me want to purchase Beyonce's version. Who am I???
Who's your favorite character? Kurt is mine, and I can't stand Will's wife...what's her name??? Mrs. Annoying???
If you're into Glee tell me about it.
For the record, Bruce is not along for the ride. I'm sure he'd be happy that you knew that.


  1. I'm on! :) But I'm woefully behind! Love Will...and Kurt...and the couselor. Hate Will's wife!

    Glad to have you onboard!

  2. Oh my...I'm addicted (to season 1) season 3 kind of wierds me out...I am also currently waiting for disc 4 of season 1 (yay!) from netflix...Love Artie, annoyed by Quinn
    Oh, and the MOST awkward episode :) when Finn sings "you're having my baby" to Quinn...nice.

  3. I absolutely love Glee! I am an avid follower. I think the "Single Ladies" football game was one of the best so far. I think Brittany's quotes are so funny. She's probably my favorite character.

  4. SUE SYLVESTER!!!!! My fave, by far. I subscribe to her FB page. And she has writers who write her craziness on there. Her one-liners keep me watching forsure.

    Will's wife...yuck.


    Brittany...another absolute fave!

    Rachel...anoying as all get out, but her voice is AHHHH-Mazing.

    Puck- He's by far the best eye candy! :)

  5. I love Mr Shu.

    But, Sue Sylvester is my FAV.

  6. The first episode I ever saw was the Season 1 finale. The Journey medley at Sectionals. It's still on my DVR. :) Love, love, love it!

  7. I haven't watched the latest seasons but I just adored 1 and 2. And I SO agree. Isn't that wife the worst. I didn't like her at all!

  8. I love Glee!!!! My fave episode from season 1 is the Madonna episode. Season 2 - well, each week gets better, so right now my favorite is Special Education (this year's sectionals episode).



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