Wednesday, December 1, 2010

24 Hours Ago...

24 hours ago we were celebrating Travis and Bruce's birthday.  Twins share them, ya know.
It's hard to act natural when people are singing to you.
Holding hands...the Thelma and Louise candle blow out.
Nice touch.
I loved celebrating both of you.
Edited: Travis is on the left and Bruce is on the right.


  1. Sad part is that I'm not exactly sure which one is Bruce. I'm going to go with the left.

  2. I think Bruce's smile gives him away on the right. Nice pictures.

  3. Happy Birthday to some of our favorite twinners! Lincoln was super intrigued by the fact that they have the same birthday.
    Fabulous cakes!

  4. I know I'm stupid but this post made me cry!
    Two cakes and two brothers that you can tell love each other.
    At age ??? you still had to label them for people - love it! That will be my future - forever labeling a pic.
    Happy Birthday Twinners!

  5. I was going to say I teared up a bit reading this post & looking at the pics, but my wife beat me to it! You guys are amazing. Here's to praying that my twins will take the same pictures when they turn 26...(I'm close, right?)
    Kim - "I loved celebrating both of you" - that's a great statement.
    Happy birthday you two!


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