Monday, December 6, 2010

The Christmas Soiree

Remember when I blogged about the Vintage Soiree this past September?
Well, on Saturday I jingle bell rocked myself over to the Christmas Soiree, and met a friend there, too. 

For the second year in a row, Carisa and Debbie invited some of their vendor friends to join them in this festive Christmas party. Because I was there the first year, and it was fabulous, I  knew I didn't want to miss it.
Hello blue and turquoise Christmas balls. I love you. I can see by my reflection you do love me. You do!
  I also loved this black chair.
I'm not sure if you can read the tag on that candelabra. It says five dollars!!!!
I loved all the beautiful little arrangements for sale. Sweet little touches of Christmas cheer.
Vintage pink...I even love the box.
Original jewelry...unique and fun.
A vintage Christmas tree stand. Could that color of red get any better this time of year?
Peppernuts, oh my. I bought some of these. They are long gone.
Talia started saying, "Peppernut, freckle butt" this weekend.
I'd like to know who taught her that? Anyone willing to admit it? :)
Need a pipe for your Frosty the Snowman, or a button nose? I'm pretty sure you could've found it here.
The Vintage Soiree girls did not disappoint.
Aren't they cute?
Later that morning, I was getting phone calls from some of you who were nearly beside yourselves with the bargains you were able to find.
I loved that. 
I'm guessing the Vintage Soiree girls would love to hear how much fun you had. 
Give them some Christmas Soiree comment love under this post today. I know they'll love hearing from you.


  1. ok, so i used to really like you.
    now, not so much.

    i wanna go there!!

  2. did that vintage Christmas tree stand sell? of course it did! i'm sure it did! ahhh i want it.

  3. I will never miss another one. Just loved it.

  4. It was more than a sale - it felt like a party! And the historic church is THEE perfect backdrop for such a party.

  5. I'm thinking several things as I read this post:
    What a great friend I have in Kimberlee.
    What a fun place to be on a Saturday--I was glad I could be both a customer and an organizer.
    How long will it be before I can rip into that strawberry rhubarb pie I bought from Tim and will he EVER divulge his crust recipe to me?
    AND, last but not least, I'm glad my makeup looks decent even though I look like a total freak in that picture.

  6. it was really fun!
    i got some good fabulous prices!
    loved it all.
    and i didn't notice until your picture that tim had a bench on the table for display....GENIUS!!

  7. Looks like everybody had a good time! Stuff looked great! Janice


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