Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random Christmas Photos

Here are a few random pictures from this December. There isn't really any rhyme or reason to them, other than I want to remember things about each picture. They may have become posts, but the days are running out for Christmasy pictures. Today is the day to enjoy what is merry.
Proof that I really do sit around in my wedding dress on my anniversary.

Tree reflections.
A 10th anniversary.
An art exhibit.
Christmas programs.
A book read every Christmas.
His cake.
There is more to celebrate, yet.
Bring on some more merry!


  1. love...that u ALSO still put on your wedding dress...mine fits a little different now:)) look beautiful!!! Amanda Ratzlaff

  2. Love the wedding dress picture! It caught me off guard as I scrolling through the pics! That has got to be SO fun for the girls to see!

  3. merry, merry Christmas!

    and i LOVE that you still put on your wedding dress. how fun!

  4. What fun. You have inspired me to pull out my wedding dress for our March Anniversary. I'm sure my children would (not) love it. I visited your blog from Megan (Whatever), looks like you had a great crafty weekend. I am now organising one at my home. Hopefully we produce items as great looking as you all did.


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