Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Holiday Winner

I fully planned on announcing the winner of the gift card this morning. And then life swirled as it does, and I got sucked in to other stuff. Stuff like work, impromptu social fun and still other stuff that is what is known as the First Grade Christmas party.
I don't know who is more excited about Christmas break...Ella, or me? By looking at her face, I'm guessing maybe she's a tad more excited than I am.

Okay, but back to the announcement of the winner of the $15 gift card from Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime or Athleta. Random generator picked number 12:

Beth said...

I LOVE the Holiday!

I love The Holiday, too, Beth. Email me at kimberleejost at yahoo dot com to claim your prize. Congratulations, and Merry Christmas from someone who loves giveaways as much as I do.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. I found you through Meg's and am so glad I did. I love your outlook (and wit)!

  2. Please tell the anonymous giver how much I appreciate her thoughtfulness this time of year. It was very special for me to win my first-ever entry on a blog giveaway, and it wouldn't have been possible without her giving heart.
    Merry Christmas!


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