Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Kid Gift Idea: Zingo!

Sometimes things show up in my house and I have no idea where they came from. Things like books, dvd's, playing cards, candy, Poptarts, cake, and now Zingo!
I'm on to you, Grandma.
Talia has really gotten into this game. It's Number Bingo. The first time we played it she learned to identify the number five.
Each card has two sides. This is the side we've been playing.

This is the side I want to get Ella to play. Maybe during Christmas vacation???
I think she likes the little "chips" more than the counting...I hope that doesn't mean she has a future in Vegas. She is learning about numbers and their values, and she doesn't even know it.
I love sneaky education. In fact, I live for it.
And she lives to beat me, which she did, twice.
Because we're just 11 days away from Christmas, I checked out where you can buy Zingo!
Amazon, Target, and Toys R Us all have it. 

Happy Zingo-ing!
Thanks, Grandma. We really do love it when you sneak stuff into the house...especially Poptarts.


  1. i have never seen NUMBER zingo!!
    great game.

  2. We have Zingo and love it! But I didn't know there was such a thing as Number zingo!! Great idea!!

  3. On sale for $12.99 on Amazon right now, with free shipping on a $25. order. So I had to order more stuff!

  4. Thanks for sharing this fantastic post! I am the head of education here at ThinkFun and did the testing for the new Zingo 1-2-3 at local schools and with children in the area. This game is such a great learning tool, and it's such a thrill to hear from parents like you who value "sneaky learning" and helping their kids grow through play! Would love to invite you to be a Featured Family on our website if you're interested, please email me! cfixler@thinkfun.com


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