Monday, June 14, 2010

Where did she get that smile?

It wasn't a balloon.
 It wasn't a chocolate brownie.
It wasn't her sister. 
It was the completion of Kindergarten.
And a flag. 


  1. She is so beautiful - you really should send this in to a magazine - this is what life is really all about -

  2. I want to know which Jost family member's actions inspired the title of the blog? Or do you each personify one part? :)

  3. Love it, Kim! I can totally see her twinster dad and uncle in that smile. I love that some unforeseen little thing can make such a BIG impression on a kid. What a joy to share these moments with our children!!!

  4. annie has the same shirt! :)
    i am so happy she can move past her first year of school and enjoy SUMMER. she looks ready!
    she also looks ready for the fourth of july. ha!


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