Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hydrangea Love

This spring my dad planted four Incrediball hydrangeas in our yard.  I bought them from Jana at Serenity Gardens.

This is what mine look like today. Grow little ones. 
 These are my neighbors' hydrangeas.
 Once again, these are mine. Drink that fresh water, little ones.
 All mine.
**We are currently taking care of our neighbors' yard. I am not a thief. I only pretend to play one on this blog.


  1. This made me chuckle! One of my favorite flowers.~Molly

  2. oh kimberlee...i'm beginning to see a whole new side of you :)

  3. I love that I can see your blue chair in the last picture.

    and I can't wait until yours bloom so you can SHARE with me!

  4. I have some of both...the great big nice ones, and the measly little tiny ones. I keep checking out the window to see if they've improved...NOPE, not yet...maybe next year.

  5. I LOVE hydrangeas! They are my favorite flower.

    Did you know you can change the color of the flower by changing the acidity of the soil it's planted in?


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