Monday, June 21, 2010

Party Day, Part One

On Saturday morning I woke up early and blew up 20 pink balloons because what's a party van without pink balloons? It's just a van that someone in their mid 30's drives who decided to put the word party in front of to make it sound more exciting. Anything sounds more exciting if you put the word party in front of it. Try it. I was doing that all day! We stopped at our favorite donut shop before arriving at Uncle Travis' to pick up the rest of the party goers.
In addition to Travis, Bruce's parents also jumped aboard. First stop: the Sedgwick County Zoo. We love the zoo. I found out at VBS last week that there are parents that don't like zoos. WHHAAAAT?  We LOVE THE ZOO.

The Gorillas were Ella's favorites. They were my favorite that day, too, and the place where you can observe them has air conditioning. It was H-O-T on Saturday. We were sweating in our unmentionables, or at least I was. And when I mentioned it, no one else said they were. They all just laughed.

The giraffe feeding station is the best dollar I've ever spent. If Nana (my mom) would've been with us, we would not have been able to pull her away from this. She is CRAZY for giraffes. And these are right there. In your face. And it's wonderful. Those long glorious tongues. Who can get enough? Not my girls.

Our family picture was the last thing we did at the zoo. Thanks to the boy scout who took this picture. I know two Eagles who are cheering you on.
Almost two hours in and birthday girl was finished with the zoo. Check her out. She was hot, hungry, and ready for cake. We all were.

And the party van rolled on, Miss Unmentionable and all. More tomorrow.


  1. Oh I feel for you...we too were at the zoo on Saturday and I also was sweating my unmentionable off and Nick just said, "it's not too bad...I work in this you know" Well, where I work it's a cool 68 degrees during the day! Looks like a great time!! I can't believe she is 7 already!!

  2. We were there on Saturday after the zoo closed for Ryan's company picnic and it was still HOT!!! I can't imagine anyone not liking the zoo....we LOVE the zoo.
    Looks like a fun the picture with Ella turned around....she looks DONE!!!

  3. Laughing and giggling throughout the entire post! :) The party van was a great idea, as was the zoo...Love that place, but know that not everyone does. Doesn't make any sense to me! The family picture is great...and just further convinces me of what great parents you are for Ella! Love to you!

  4. Fun Fun, I'll have to try the balloons in the van sometime!
    When I was 7 months prego with the twins we spent the day at that same zoo - oh my goodness the sweat . . . i think I sat on every bench I saw just to breathe!! Good times!! I'm with you though, we LOVE the zoo!!

  5. That last picture is fantastic!

  6. annie has that same zebra shirt!
    and sean got to feed the giraffe on his birthday once...years ago.
    i love favorite at the zoo.

    love the party van. :)


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