Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Party Day, Part Two

After we left the zoo, we stopped by Red Robin for burgers, fries, and campfire sauce. Oh my!

Ella's a girl who likes her cake. I DREAD decorating one. The perfect solution? Stopping at Sugar Sisters.

I ordered this.

Ella and Talia each ordered a miniature cupcake and then begged off of everyone else's version of sugar perfection.

Sugar Sisters was a hit.

And so were the presents.

The party van rolled on home. We then WALKED to the pool with our party stroller. Ha. 
As Ella was falling asleep, I asked her what her favorite part of the day was. She smiled, eyes closed, and said in a very soft voice, "Cake. Grillas." (Cake and gorillas.)

One of our gifts to Ella was a full sized tent. Bruce set it up in the living room and on Saturday night after both girls were in bed, we sat in the tent and celebrated our little Lady. Bruce read a beautiful passage from Isaiah, and in the tradition we have established on our girls' birthdays, we drank champagne. There is much to celebrate this year.


  1. love the pictures! looks like everyone had a fun day!

  2. Love reading/seeing the blog and pics! Tears in my eyes! What a great tradition for each girl's birthday!

  3. I love that tradition too...may have to "borrow" it if I ever have children of my own! :)

    The pics of Ella and the girls are great...such joy!

  4. Looked like a great day. I love your tradition too!

  5. That cupcake looks YUMMY! What a fun day.


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