Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let It Go Day

Bruce informed me over coffee this morning that today is officially LET IT GO DAY. This was in response to my griping about a situation that will not change and cannot change. 
Edited---**Bruce did NOT make up this day. June 23rd really is "Let it Go Day".

So that's what I've decided to do. Let it go.

Here's a small list of what else I'm letting go of today:

1. Blow drying my hair. My blow-dryer went up in smoke this morning. Literally. And because I was so far off the trail of having decent looking hair today, I'm adding my flat iron to the list.
2. Wearing makeup. It's 100 degrees out. It's sliding off anyways.

3. Diet Dr. Pepper. I'm drinking the real deal today. Fully loaded. Lime, please. Sonic Happy Hour. Hello, love.

4. All forms of cleaning that include houses and faces. We're going to the pool later, and that jelly leftover from last nights pb&j dinner that's stuck to Talia's face is bound to come off over there, right?

5. Weeding my garden. What's one more day, or two, or three? Maybe today should be called Let it Grow Day.


  1. I LOVE IT! you are awesome!

  2. I agree, now I can let go of some things myself! Thanks for just putting it out there! Love it!

  3. Hooray for Let It Go Day! (Is that an official holiday, or did Bruce make it up especially for you?)

  4. Good, now I have a REASON that I went to town without makeup on and my hair in a clip (sort of). Whew...this day came just in the nick of time for me!! And while I am at it, I am just gonne let it go that the only way I can figure out how to post is to sign in as anonymous, forcing me to sign my name every time, or else feel overly mysterious. I am! Amy S.

  5. ok.
    i will also let it go.
    i will let go of cooking dinner. ha.

  6. You crack me up! Also, see my post today. Annnnddd, Sarah left me a comment today...I was SO hoping that she would meander down to the comment you left! I don't think she saw it, but maybe someday she will visit! ☺

  7. I love this day! I laughed about leaving the jelly on the face till the pool b/c we went to pool today about 2 hours after lunch and as I did sunscreen on tatum i looked and realized she had lunch all over her face. i laughed at the girl next to me and said, I guess you can tell how much i've LOOKED AT my kids since lunchtime! It was gone within seconds of her first jump into the pool! Good enough.


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