Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Message Giveaway

I know it's only day two, but I can't stand waiting until there's a special occasion to give something away. Blame it on my LOVE LANGUAGE.

I am giving away the thing that has most changed my life in the past three months:
Wouldn't a picture of the Message be great here? I dropped my camera two days ago and the lens won't open. Nice.

I have always felt like I should read my Bible, but I'll admit, I haven't always wanted to. I have several Bibles  that I kind of rotate between, but this is the one that I have been coming back to. I know you'll love it. And if you're thinking to yourself that you already have one, enter the contest anyways with the idea that you're going to give it away to someone else.

To enter:
1. Become a Screaming, Running, Naked Friend (I am not fond of the word fan) or
2. Leave me a comment or
3. Do both and get two entries.

I will choose the winner Monday evening and post it Tuesday morning.
********** Contest is now closed. 


  1. Love your blog!
    Love getting to see our families half way across the country!
    Love hearing about your life!
    Love seeing your face!
    Love the possibility of winning something!
    Love you!

  2. Well done, Kimberlee!
    I know you're not a big fan of the word "fan" BUT I am a big fan of you!

  3. Pick me! Pick me!

    (love the banner pics)

  4. I ditto everything Marjie and Ruth said. And if I win the drawing, I will donate 10 more Message Bibles to RSNDTDOL for future giveaways! (The perks of working at The Navigators are endless!)



    (And, yes, I text.)

  5. Let's hope number five is my lucky number!!! You KNOW I love a good giveaway!

  6. Let's get friendly. Oh, and don't pick me.

  7. Entering on my birthday seems like a no-brainer! A great blog AND a chance at a great Bible?! Post again soon, I loved it!

  8., note to self: When posting as "anonymous" include name so you really AREN'T anonymous! Der...
    The above comment brought to you by Amy Sterk, who just turned 41 :-/

  9. YEAH, I'm so glad you started a blog!! Love it already!!

  10. you are so brave! I wouldn't even know how to create one. Guess i need to get into 2010 huh? What can you say i live in MO? We are like 15 years behind everyone. can't wait to read it.

  11. this is so very exciting - congratulations on child #3 - loving being a part of this birth and looking forward to watching how it grows - Blessings

  12. if i win....i promise to read it.
    or give it to laureny.
    because actually....i already have a copy.
    but i will "pay it forward".

    so happy you are in blogland now!

  13. loving your blog!

  14. What a fun-looking blog! And I want to enter the contest!

  15. I'm loving your blog as well! What a fun way to stay connected to you and your sweet family. Looking forward to seeing you face to face soon ... we'll be flying in less than two weeks!

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