Friday, June 11, 2010

What to expect when you're expecting a blog

 Seven months pregnant with Talia.

When I was expecting my babies I: 
  • told my friends, family, and anyone that I knew
  • worried for nine months
  • was nauseous
  • prayed
  • ate chocolate chip cookie bars and McDonald's french fries
  • had sleepless nights
  • wore pants with three inch elastic waistbands
  • gave up pop and drank water
  • dreamed about shoe shopping with Oprah and baby names
  • took prenatal vitamins
  • decorated a house
  • read parenting books
  • asked other parents all sorts of questions
  • asked Bruce to massage my feet

A Christmas card 2009 reject---where's the funny?

When I was expecting my blog I:
  • told my friends, family, and anyone that I knew
  • worried for nine months (or more!)
  • prayed
  • ate cheese
  • ate chocolate
  • wore yoga pants with an elastic waistband at least twice a week
  • drank a lot of Dr. Pepper with lime
  • was nauseated
  • took Ibuprofen
  • decorated a house... still decorating a house
  • read blogs
  • asked seasoned bloggers a lot of questions
  • begged Bruce to massage my feet
When I was expecting my babies, I knew I was getting GIRLS. I have no idea what to expect with a blog. Really. Announcing, "It's a blog!" doesn't come close to announcing a child, but perhaps Bruce will decide a blog announcement is worthy of a foot massage, too.


  1. yay!!!
    you did it.
    it will be awesome.
    it will be therapeutic.
    it will be so interesting!
    i am so excited about this kim!!

  2. Very fun! What a great idea for your first are an OFFICIAL blogger now! Woo hoo!

  3. Yay!!! I knew you could do it. I knew you SHOULD do it! So excited!!!

  4. Kim, you crack me up! I LOVE the name also!

  5. i love it! i can tell you will have one of those fun to read blogs!

  6. Yippee!! I'm gonna be a faithful reader!! :)


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