Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From Summer Struggles to Summer Snuggles

Have we arrived at the point during summer vacation where mothers everywhere are ready to throw up their hands and be done? Are you Screaming, Running, Naked down your driveway, yet? 

I have spoken to at least eight mothers(and at least one father) in the last two days who were D-O-N-E. Done. 

Whining. Fighting. Hitting. Crying. Scratching. Kicking. 
More whining. And that was just during yesterday's lunch!

I mean we had spent all morning learning about God's mighty love at VBS! 

When lunch was over, Ella asked if she could watch Dora. I was DONE, so I said yes.

A few minutes later it was quiet. And I saw this.

Which moved into this.
 Notice the arm. The arm! Excuse me, that's the arm you just drilled your sister with five minutes ago.
And for 30 minutes they snuggled on the couch. Girls, let's shoot for 35 minutes today.


  1. Cute pictures Kimberlee! THESE are the moments to remember....the next time chaos runs rampant :-) (and it will....) Amy Sterk

  2. one of my favorite things about having a sister... you can drive each other crazy but no matter what the love and bond you share is ALWAYS there. thanks for sharing kimberlee!

  3. Have I not been paying attention to the driveway of life? I'm here now. Yea!
    Love all those pictures!!! Janice

  4. It's when they are sitting like this that i fully expect you to be whispering into their little ears...."Taryn loves you, Taryn loves you"....just so they don't forget. Love you too! Can't wait to see you!

  5. Those are awesome picts! Especially love the first one. Frameable!


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