Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ten on Ten:: October 2012

Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. 
Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments. 
I love a little fog on the prairie.
This wood pile stacked in our garage makes me feel so loved because the one who stacked it knows how much I love a fire going in the fireplace.  This speaks to me as much as flowers.
Grocery shopping.
I made a pumpkin cheesecake for Craft Weekend and it cracked. Nothing an unhealthy dose of whipped cream can't cover. :)
Jesus Calling cuts to the chase nearly every day.
Every time I make these chicken enchiladas, I always want to take a picture of how pretty this step is. Today, I did.

She wanted to have a friend over today. I loved it that they wanted to be artists outside.
Someday we are going to paint our house. I love pouring over this rainbow.
My favorite tree in our yard is getting ready to change colors. The day that it will be all red is coming soon.
It makes me so happy that Ella has the strength to hold herself on a rope. This is no small feat for her, 
and this picture was probably the most beautiful to me today.

What I continue to love about the Ten on Ten days is that when you start out the day on the wrong foot, or one of your kids does, (which in my opinion is the same thing) there are still beautiful things to see. Ten on ten reminds me of it month after month.  After two years of participating in the project, I am still blessed by looking and finding the beauty in the day. 

Happy 10th to you!
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  1. agreed.
    agreed to the infinity. about the starting out blah and ending reflecting on the lovely.
    best part of the project.

    love that you have a lefty.
    so proud of ella.
    and i want your chicken enchiladas.
    and that pie.
    do you ship? :)

  2. Your post is beautiful - thanks for sharing. What I love about this project is it catches your breath - reminds you that special moments are everywhere, so don't forget it.

  3. Love the devotional....
    Leaves changing colors, love this time of year...
    Ella is beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Every single on of them!

    And way to go, Ella!!

    And, no lie, I was thinking about your chicken enchiladas today.
    I've GOT to make them soon! :)

  5. Fog on the prairie is beautiful!!!

  6. and after two years....TWO years....i have never been able to remember to do it legit.
    ha ha ha
    your pics are always beautiful.
    i love to see it through your eyes.

  7. Oh wow, your photos are so beautiful and sweet.
    Gorgeous colors and perspectives.
    Yay Ella! Looks like fun!

  8. Are you making my favorite enchiladas? Oh, you are? Ok, I'll be there soon :)

  9. Kimberlee, I love your pics. I've gone back to work & haven't had the time to follow my bloggy faves but I hopped on & saw your 10 on 10 which was always one of my very favorites ... the fog on the prairie was sooooo beautiful, your girls are growing up and Miss Ella on that rope, so big & brave, touched my heart. Thanks for sharing my friend :)

  10. love that fog on the prairie...and the pumpkin cheesecake. I'm bummed that I will miss it...I feel as though I had a part in this (ok, so I only said, yes, make it!). Oh, and by the way, the crack only says you baked it perfectly, in my opinion! Have a great week and weekend.

  11. Beautiful, Kimberlee. Your photos are really getting super GOOD. Loved all of these, especially the last one :) And I've never really taken note of Meg's enchilada recipe, but your photo makes me want to make it asap! yum!

  12. You photo's are beautiful, and it looks like you had a good day!

  13. Beautiful pictures of the girls. Ella always growing, changing! God is evident! janice

  14. your pictures knocked it out of the park.
    and your enchiladas?
    ahhhhhhhh - i'm craving them now!

    happy weekend.
    i *know* you're having a good one.


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