Monday, October 1, 2012


Until today, I was sort of denying the fact that summer was over, but this morning when I turned the calendar to October, I decided I had to wave goodbye to summer and jump into the fun of fall.

It was chilly, so I threw on the new pair of grey cords I bought last week.

I lit a Mulled Cider candle from Wal-Mart and burned it for six hours straight. I know it'll be the best five bucks I'll spend this week.

I made my mother-in-law's chili for dinner, and listened to the wind whip through the trees in our front yard.

I dreamed of taking the girls to a pumpkin patch and loading up the van full of pumpkins of all sizes and colors.

Tonight I skipped yoga class and made this pear crisp instead. I made the right choice, FYI.

I am throwing an extra blanket on my bed tonight, and I will fall asleep feeling happy that it's October. There are so many things to enjoy and look forward to: soccer games, candy corn and peanuts, Talia's birthday, leaves changing,  finishing the first quarter of school, and trying some of the pumpkiny yumminess that can be found just about everywhere you go.

I love thinking about all things that bring us joy during the fall.
What are some of your favorite things about this season?


  1. I'm a big ol Slatkin fan from B&BW but that mulled cider Walmart candle tops them all. I love it! Burned in my home today.

  2. I love thinking about cute socks, boots, leaving the door open at night, salted caramel frappachinos and getting back to Texas for the holidays.

  3. Taking the kids apple and pumpkin picking, watching the leaves change beautiful colors, and planning Christmas presents (already!). :)

  4. Love those thoughts! Perfect timing too!

  5. Can you share your ambition and energy with me?? I think I left mine in Hawaii. By the way, I have a pineapple for you :)

  6. I'm thinking about our new baby who will be born in 6 weeks, just in time for Thanksgiving. I love the cooler temps and the food that fall brings-soups, apple crisp, pumpkin bread! I love the cooler football weather, even though I wasn't loving it in the cold wind and rain last night.

  7. pear crisp...good.
    pumpkin candle...good.
    skipping yoga...good.
    fall...all good.

    now, get your butt on a plane and come visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    visiting your friend who misses you terribly...GOOD!

  8. The feel in the air, pumpkins, fodder shocks, candy corn ... these are a few of my favorite things! October is my fave!


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