Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who We Are

I never get SOS texts from Bruce when I'm at Whatever Craft Weekend. He totally handles everything while I'm gone, but on Sunday morning when this text came to me, I was pretty sure it was time to get home. "Talia the clown" was all he wrote.

The eyebrows kill me.

It also explained the text that I got earlier that said, "We are not doing church this morning."

I can't believe the clown will be five next week.
Months ago we gifted a family portrait to Bruce's mom with my friend Megan, of Megan Hein Photography.  Our goal was to have a classic family picture and have fun. I think Megan did a great job!

Go over to her blog to see our family preview. Tell her how amazing she is. She was able to get the best expressions out of my girls. In the pictures I see who they really are. (Just to clarify, Bruce is in the plaid shirt and Travis is in the orange. I love that picture of Travis and the girls. It shows how much they all love each other!)

In a few weeks we're doing pictures of just Bruce, the girls and me. Taking all those pictures in one night would have been too much for Ella. (And probably all of us, really!)  I can't wait.
I've got a few ideas. As soon as I see them, you will too.

I've gotta run.
I'm taking the clown out for some pre-birthday fun right now, and she's waiting.
Don't worry, I already hid the markers.


  1. Those are so well done!

    Boy did you marry in to a tall family. :-)

  2. this is so beautiful, and such a framer.

    the family shot is too ;)

  3. The picture of Talia is priceless! She has such a fun spirit! And thank you for trusting me to take your family pictures :) It means a lot to me!

  4. Oh, those are fantastic! Kimberlee, you are stunning!

  5. Went over to Megan Hein Photography - the pics are stunning. Your girls are beautiful, so full of life! Love your blog - found you through Meg (Whatever). You bring a smile to my days! Thank you!

  6. What beautiful family pictures! I bet you can't wait for the next session! It's fun to get to know you a bit more before meeting next month at CW. I too have a daughter that's 4. Fun age, isn't it?! :)

  7. What FANTASTIC picts! Ella was all smiles! And Talia has grown already since we've seen her. Loved the pict of the girls with Uncle Trav and this B&W group shot. Beautiful!

  8. Wow. Those pictures are amazing!

  9. seriously GREAT pictures kimberlee!!!
    way to go megan!

  10. Great pictures!!! Your girls are precious! Their smiles are contagious!

  11. Love the family pic ... seeing those grown twin men makes me love my "men in training" so much more!! Awesome family! You look great girl! :))

  12. perfection. your family is beautiful. and you are skinny mini.

  13. love the family picture. all smiles- the way family should be!
    (and, YOU are GORGEOUS. like model material.)


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