Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life by Design {Lisa Leonard reality series!!!}

My friend, Lisa Leonard, has been working on a new project... a TV reality series!!!

A few months ago a production team approached her family about creating a faith based reality show, and the Leonard family agreed! I am super excited for them as they step out in faith with this project. Oh and by the way, I am in love with their sons. Check them out.

I know a lot of you already love and are fans of Lisa's jewelry. You can show your support for the show by: praying for them, liking the clip on YouTube, you can Facebook it, Tweet it, or Pin it. Get the word out that you want to see Life by Design on television.

When the show gets picked up, I will be watching.
In the meantime, head over to Lisa's blog and give her a little encouragement in the form of a comment today. I'm guessing it's slightly stressful to know that world will be watching. :)


  1. blown away - they are amazing, I cried for David - not in pity or sadness but in awe of him, God has made him perfect in His eyes and I can see that shining through. Thank you for sharing this -
    As always - Ella is my hero, and now I stand with you and Lisa in your journey's.

  2. I cried too-because I was sooo touched. I bought her feed your soul necklace and this Saturday we are starting a "Feed Your Soul" Bible study! Inspiration flows out. You guys inspire me too! Janice

  3. Thank you sweet friend! YOU are such a blessing. xoxo

  4. How great! Just watched it so happy for her and her family.


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