Monday, February 7, 2011

This and That

I have a passionate three year old.
Translation: She cries a lot.
Lately we've been battling bed time.
We've been doing a reward star chart. We've never done one before. See my fancy chart? Ha.
I asked Talia what would be a good reward. Guess what she chose?
She wanted her very own bag of Cheetos.
She is mine.
Immediately I agreed. I knew she would be motivated.
WIN. WIN, as far as I could see it.
One night last week as she was going to bed, Talia said, "Can I have my Cheetos for breakfast?"
"Yes, you totally can!" I heard myself say.
Afterall, we were winning the battle.
Cheetos is what she had for breakfast this morning...with Golden Grahams on the side.
Ella acted like it wasn't a big deal that Talia was eating them.
She didn't even ask for them. She must've been full of pancakes.
Or was she?
As soon as Talia left the room, I spotted this.
I'll never tell.
I did finish my hoop art over the weekend.
Embroidery is hard. I already know what I would change if I did it again.
So, even though I think it looks like a three year old made it, I'm going to show it.
It looks better far away.
If you want a challenge today, read this from Beth Moore.
I'm starting today over for the third time. :)


  1. we JUST started a marble jar with Quin. Must be the time for it.

  2. Love your first photo of the list with the bed in the background. And I love the bed too

  3. Can relate to having a "passionate" child, creating charts and the love of cheetos! Those girls would fit right in that the Jost house (oh yeah, they already are in a Jost house!:) ).

    Most of all, though, blessed by the word you passed on! Taking up the challenge.....embarrassed that it is such a challenge, but taking it up none the less! Thanks for the "boost"!

    Love ya!!!!!!!!

  4. Love your embroidery! Great job!

  5. i guess i was "passionate" too. i cried every. single. day. my mom left me in kindergarten. (hoping you don't have to go through THAT too!

    i LOVE your little craft corner- so fun! :) (and i love the blue/red combo!)

    and what a great (convicting? tough?) challenge... for everyday!

  6. it. I have one of those too.

  7. Your hoop is lovely ... good job! I have a 'passionate' granddaughter ... she just lost her first tooth ... oh the drama! ;) It was after 8:35 p.m. before I read Beth's challenge so I'm pretty confident I'll succeed (well, if I go to bed by 9 o'clock! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jumped here from another blog. Loved your pictures today. Yay for the sweet success of a break from the bedtime battles! And super cute to see that little hand in the Cheetos bag **when no one was looking**!!

  9. I have a 6 year old daughter that doesn't do the bedtime thing very well. I think I might have to do the cheetos! I just found you through Meg and I can't wait to follow you! Your crafting day with all the gals looked amazing!


  10. My 4 year old, Kate STILL wakes up in the middle of the night EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. It is exhausting. We finally decided to bribe her with a sticker chart/candy bribe. For every night she sleeps through the night she gets an m&m in the morning with her breakfast. It is helping, so I am ALL about the bribes :)

  11. That Ella is so sneaky! Too cute.
    Great hoop - can't wait for you to teach me some embroidery.


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