Saturday, February 5, 2011

Craft List

At dinner on Wednesday night I announced that I had made a craft list. I had a plan. I would be taking my craft list to Hobby Lobby on Thursday, and I would be getting a few supplies.
I ended up forgetting the list in the van. I hate it when I do that. I could've walked back out to get it, but that would've been too easy, right?
Wanna see what I bought?
A glue gun...I'm resisting the urge to bedazzle "My very first glue gun" on the side.
Needles...who knew there were so many choices. How does one know what needle to buy?
Heat mind is going crazy with what I could do with this stuff.
Valentine gift sacks...40 percent off. I think I'll be using these all year. So cute. Uh-oh...veering from the list.
Felt... so cheap. Felt makes happy. I resisted buying every color.
I don't even know who I am anymore.
27 cent bargain fabric. I am starting my fabric collection for a project I have brewing in my brain. I have craft projects brewing in my brain. I am speaking a different language, and I like it.
Embroidery thread. I haven't bought this since I made friendship bracelets in the eighth grade.
Now I'm ready to finish the hoop art that I started last weekend. Click here to find the links for the tutorials.
Dying to finish it. This project scared me the most of any other during craft weekend. I am determined to finish it.  "I will triumph." (Name that movie.)

The girls are headed to a basketball game with Bruce today. Peace and quite and a little embroidery will make me a happy girl. I have never ever spent a Saturday at home like this before.

There's a first for everything. And that makes me happy even though I forgot to purchase a new scissors. I can craft with an old scissors, right? I can't?

I see another trip to Hobby Lobby in my near future. :)


  1. Oh, it's finally letting me comment!
    (see facebook comment)
    You're awesome.

  2. it's addicting isn't it?
    your hubby has no idea what he's in for :)
    i NEVER find cheap remnants at hobby lobby...must be beginners luck :)

  3. Oh my, we need to have a local crafting night here! wouldn't that be fun!? You are all prepared with your new purchases! I went and did some antiquing today by was quiet and lovely, but it would of been more fun if I had a sidekick!

  4. go kimberlee!!!!
    i am so proud of you and happy for you.
    don't burn yourself out girlfriend!
    have we gone to hobby lobby together? the hours we could lose in there!

    my first glue gun.
    you are adorable!

  5. Kimberlee -I am so excited for you! How fun!! I love Heat-n-bond --I made adorable t-shirts for my nieces and nephew for Christmas with that stuff - so easy!

  6. yay! this got me so much more excited about our craft night... *wink*

    have fun! i cant wait to see what you come up with!

  7. Fun! Look at all those deals you got! I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here in California. And, I just found out yesterday that the Joann's crafts in my town is closing down!!!! Totally freaking out :(

  8. Looks like a successful trip. Can't wait to see the completed project. And my craft/sewing list is SUPER long right now.


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