Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Running Dialogue

I'm having kind of a running dialogue kind of day.
It's constant chatter in there.
In my head, I mean.
Here's about two minutes worth.
1. I'm so happy to wearing flip flops.  If I could put my boots away for the season I would be a happy happy girl. I'm dreaming about pedicures and online sandal shopping...
2. Sandals...I wonder if this is the year that I will get to go on that romantic beach vacation...
3. Hooked on Houses  hurt today. You had convinced yourself that only people in movies live like that. {Insert thinking about an ugly cry here}
4. New counter top for the have put more thought into this decision than is really necessary. You spent less time thinking about your children's names than this. This is embarrassing.
5. You spent very little time thinking about what Ella should wear to school picture day today. What goes with a fake forest background? At least she's not wearing green...
6. You told yourself you would eat a salad for lunch. You even bought lettuce at the store this morning. That quesadilla was yummy.
7. I love cheese. Cheese is my "street drug"....
................and so it goes.
I'm exhausting myself.
Does anyone else know what this feels like?
I didn't think so.
The ThinkFun Giveaway ends tonight at 9 pm. I'll announce the winners tomorrow.


  1. You don't sound crazy at all because I can SO identify! Or maybe we're both crazy.

  2. Hmmmm, maybe we're all three crazy because I thought you were reading my mind! ;)

  3. We share the same street drug!

  4. TOTALLY get you. this happens almost daily in conversation between me and kahler when we start dreaming about coming back to the states. so many things we miss and one thing just leads to another to another to another.

    you and kahler share that drug. its so dang expensive here though!

  5. i could not love this post more.
    could not.
    not possible.

  6. Cheese is your street drug of choice. SO funny. Can't stop laughing! Love it!


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