Saturday, February 12, 2011

Talia's Prayer

When I tucked Talia into bed last night she asked me if I would lay with her a little while.
I did.
We prayed together.
I prayed first.
I prayed and thanked God for our day, for fun friends, and for our family.
I prayed that she would love Jesus passionately every day of her life.
I paused in my prayer and quietly I heard her say:
"God, you are big and strange."

I had the kind of week where I was looking for God and could see His hand at work, but I seriously wondered what He was up to. I may not have put it in to words the way Talia did, but I have to admit, when she said it, my heart laughed and agreed.
God is big.
God seems strange.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways."
Isaiah 55:8, NIV


  1. LOVE IT! Yes, God is. Great picture, you need to blow that up into a canvas!

  2. I bet God thinks the same thing about us a lot of the time! :) Well, that we're strange. Not big.

  3. Absolutely LOVE that prayer!!

  4. That verse is perfect for her comments. Aren't children's prayers like sermons? I have 5 grands and I love to hear them pray.

  5. oh, this melts my heart. :) how perfect, how true. that we may know our 'strange' God better today! :)

  6. wow.
    your pic is gorgeous and so is your story.
    hope you are all doing ok.


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