Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pictures Without A Home

These pictures didn't really have a home this week, but there are things about each that I want to remember.

Chubby little hands helping me bake an apple pie. (The leaf cutouts are from Williams Sonoma several years ago.)
I love the way the sky looks this time of year. The brightest it can be next to the reds and yellows. Love.
I was reminded this week that my tikes aren't so little anymore. I wonder how long this slide will be around?
One more year? Maybe.
I've revisited the memories of last week in Williamsburg 100 times this week. I realized I didn't share this picture, and I really wanted to. It's the moment I saw Molly and Marjie. They don't even know that I took it. I'm sneaky like that.
Molly has great pajamas. I forgot to ask her where she got them. I have several cousins and aunts who are more than a little crazy for Scrabble, and they would love these. I don't play with them on Facebook anymore...they are good. Really good.
Trader Joes, I love you.
But seriously, I don't need one more reason to eat cake.
Have you ever seen a cuter cake box???
My Mom has been here this week. She has read more children's books than she can count, laughed countless times at the drama we bring, and slept really well. I'm so glad she could come for a visit.
Happy Saturday to you.
Mom wants Minnesota Wild Rice soup.
Her wish, is my command. I know the perfect place to visit.


  1. I love that picture of your friends through the peep hole :) great job and FUN pictures!

  2. If you find out where those pajamas are from, I would love to know! I want to get them for my mom for Christmas!

  3. The slide has to stay...what would Austyn play on if you got rid of it?


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