Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SRN...I was.

Every time my parents come for a visit I tell myself that I'm going to take tons of pictures. I took this as we were running out the door to take my mom to the airport this morning. Ella had already gone to school. Grrr..
Nice laundry basket...is someone doing laundry around here? How I wish they would.

Although my mom was here for a week, I have to admit, I had many many Screaming, Running, Naked moments. Not due to her, mind you. She's the easiest houseguest you could ever have. Bruce was gone for about five days for work, both girls had the stomach flu, I continued to work and in general I just felt overwhelmed by it all. (You picked a great week to visit, Mom. I hope you decide to come back. :)

Now that the girls are feeling better and Bruce is home, I knew there was one thing that could get me out of my SRN funk.
I cannot be around a puppy and not feel better. 
I cannot be around Talia playing with a poodle and not feel optimistic.
Therapy dogs for SRN mothers.
Who knew?


  1. That puppy is for you! It's soooo cute! I'm glad you had a great time with your mom and that Bruce is home!

  2. AAAWWWWW....Tyah and i were just getting ready to be excited for you guys, thinking this little guy was your's!!!!! One day you will join us in the world of dog owners.:) Still loving ours!

  3. i needed this today! thanks. :)

  4. If your Mom is like me then visiting while there are needs in the home, as in sick children, is a blessing. Because it gives one the chance to be helpful and loving and is a reminder of days gone by.

    Lovely picture BTW. Your daughter looks so much like your Mom. Three beautiful ladies. Too bad beautiful Ella was gone to school already. Cute Puppy too.

  5. Aunt Lola has a friend trying to get rid of a surprise litter of pure bred beagles. She was GIVING them away. Thought I might tempt you...

  6. did someone come home with a puppy?!


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