Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Williamsburg Love.

Marjie and I used to live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Wow, that feels like a lifetime ago.
Around Christmastime we would head to Williamsburg and drink in the holiday.
And some hot toddy.
This time, it was the Autumn splendor that got to us.
Here are way too many pictures of our time there with Molly.
I just couldn't help myself.
I kept thinking of my primitive friend back in Kansas who would have been acting like it was Christmas morning had she been there. These pictures are for her and anyone else who longs for simpler times.
Love the shoes.
Loved the trees.
I was really thinking about my friend Megan H. when I saw this. Red is a great dream.  
I'm pretty much ready to move into the neighborhood.
Although, I'm not sure which house I would choose to be mine.

I love this shade of blue gray...and it's everywhere you look here.
If these two were my neighbors, I don't think I'd care which house would be mine here.
We stopped for a bowl of seafood chowder at Seasons Restaurant before we left Colonial Williamsburg. Creamy goodness, oh my.
We had to move on. There was shopping to be done, and these two are professionals.
Good thing I had the right shoes on. :)


  1. the red shoes may be yours,
    but the red house is

    i may or may not be hyperventilating.

  2. LOVED that red house! I wish I could of seen the inside of each one of those! How fun!

  3. You posted a picture of my booty!

    It's a good thing I love you!!!

  4. Love the fall color! What a fun time to be there.

  5. Love the pictures....and of course the red shoes!!!

  6. Wow! Beautiful. Great pictures. Great shoes. Great red house. We're getting new siding...considering red...not sure if it will have the same impact on a 1930's semi-Tudor style...

  7. Love Love Love the houses and the beautiful fall foliage surrounding them.
    Looks like a fabulous trip.

  8. Amazing pics!! It just looked straight out of a movie. When did you live in Virginia? Post TC days? You could have posted even more pics . . . I loved them all.


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