Tuesday, November 23, 2010

There's a Mess In My Kitchen

There's a mess in my kitchen right now...I'm so thankful. Ecstatic really.
Just canned lighting, recessed lighting...whatever you call it. I am sooooo thankful for lights. There is not enough light in my kitchen. It could be because ever since I found out we were doing this project I said I was not buying new light bulbs. See what I mean?
See what we've been dealing with?!
Golden Girls.
So, while everyone is thinking about thankfulness, I'll be thankful for light, for Dan the electrician, and a pathway to my laundry room. I know it seems weird, but I felt so loved that Bruce thought to leave a pathway for me when he hung the plastic this morning.

Ignore the green ugliness of a floor that we have in our laundry room.
That will change some day.
Baby steps, I remind myself.
We're walking towards the light today.


  1. YAY for progress and for light. I cannot wait to see all the light that your kitchen is flooded with.

  2. VERY exciting to see this!! can't wait to see the new lights!! Did you ever find out about counter tops??

  3. wowwy wow wow.
    i can't wait to see some pictures!
    you are going to share, aren't you? :)


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