Monday, November 1, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Race

On Saturday morning, Ella entered the Great Pumpkin Race sponsored by a local church. Costumes were encouraged. You only need to encourage us once.
Bruce was going to run the race (a half mile) with her. He was a flower. The manliest flower known to man.
A little bumblebee was part of the cheering you see a theme here???
At the start line....
On the go...
The Ladybug was getting some air...literally.
I grabbed on to her other hand and ran the last block to the finish line.
She was loving every second of it.
And ran right into Grandma's arms. I couldn't see a thing. Darn tears. We were so proud.
We then moved into the church for a little refreshment time and prizes!
Ella won $10 for best costume for a girl. The flower...not so much. Ha.
He quickly became Mohawk man when we moved outside to the bounce house.
Ella beamed as she went off to school this morning in her long sleeved race shirt. She didn't want the paparazzi near her, so I let her go without a picture.

It's okay, though.
I'll get one next year. :)


  1. I loved it when you grabbed Ella's hand and ran the last block.....priceless!!! Ella looked like she had a great time. Love the picture of Ella and her sweet!

  2. What a bunch of great pictures!!! Love your family! Janice

  3. How fun! I think Bruce won Dad of the year in that costume! Ella looked so proud!

  4. Great pictures. It was fun to see her running and smiling. Definitely not the look on my face when I am running.
    Frank was excited that he and Ella both wore their race shirts today!

  5. once again Ella is my hero - she never quits impressing me -

  6. A day i'm sure she'll always remember!!! Love it!

  7. darn tears! i could not hold them back... an amazing daughter and an incredible father. i am sure you will all remember that day.

  8. Did she really run the whole half mile? That's way better than I could do!

  9. Loved the picts! Both girls too cute! And I loved the manly flower! Hilarious!

  10. hero...
    awesome post.


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