Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ds Awareness Answers Part Three

This is the final post to the questions and comments that you left me in the Awareness post. Here are the links to Part One  and  Part Two if you've missed either post. I have revisited many moments of the past seven years while writing them. It has been hard at times but mostly it's been life giving to see the growth of Down syndrome awareness in my life. I'm still learning new things about Down syndrome. By no means am I the expert on the topic. In fact, I don't think I'm even brave enough to declare myself an expert on Ella.  :)

What are your expectations and dreams for Ella's life?
My expectations and dreams are the same for both of my girls.
I expect both of them to contribute to the world they've been brought into. It is my hope that they will give more than they take. 
I expect that they will become educated adults. It is my hope that they will use the education that they have been given to serve and educate others. 
I expect them to love well. I hope that they might each experience what it's like to have someone fall in love with them, and marry, if they choose. 
But above all, my hope and prayer is that they choose to love Jesus like crazy, each other to the death, and include Bruce and me in their plans more often than not.
The title of this blog post is "Awareness." By increasing awareness among your family and friends, what is the #1 thing you hope will change about the way they speak/think/act about Down syndrome?
When I was in grade school I had a poster in my room that said, "Love is the answer no matter what the question." Love is the answer I keep coming back to. If people are loving from a pure place, they will speak, think and act loving. Limitations placed on people with Down syndrome generally grow out of fear. Let's make our love so bountiful that the way we speak, think, and act will further the awareness of those who know little about Down syndrome. It's my hope that by reading these posts, my family and friends would be able to spot fear and boldly (if necessary) bring awareness to those who are unaware. 
If you've stuck with me and read all three posts, I thank you.
If you have a question that you've wished you would've asked, feel free to post a comment here, or email me at kimberleejost at yahoo dot com. 
If you feel like you didn't get the answer you were looking for because I misinterpreted your question, I really really want to hear from you. Make me aware, okay???
In the meantime, I'm going to go and kiss my girls.
My love tank feels pretty full right now, and I'm trying to teach them that sharing is a good thing.
All photos in this post were taken by Meg Duerksen during the summer of 2009.


  1. I loved reading all 3 posts. Thanks for sharing with all of us about down syndrome and Ella. I can't wait to see what life holds for her.

  2. i remember when meg took these and posted to her blog. i was gushing over the pink chairs, the sisterly love, the smiles.

    i'm so glad it was your children i got to see.
    somehow, it just all fits together now. :)

    and...of course, i want to thank you for writing such a series of beautiful posts for all to read. these were some tough questions and your answers were honest and touching and just plain ol' lovely. i have no doubt, whatsoever, that ella will continue to shine whereever she goes. she's got a beautiful momma leading her way!

  3. What a fabulous ending! Thank you for reliving your last seven years and for sharing that with us. May we all love more and be more aware. Our family of four sure loves your family of four!

  4. oh Kimberlee, i am so glad you did another post! i loved all 3 and sure love Ella and your whole family! thank you for teaching me, i want to love more and more like our Savior does!

  5. I loved all your posts! Your pieces are strong, positive examples for others. Love, Janice

  6. Kimberlee, I appreciate you sharing with all of us!

  7. Thank you for sharing these posts! You have the gift of writing, and your family is beautiful!

  8. I just love these three posts...I'm a new reader (from Ashley's wonderful Sycamore Tree!) When we were in the process of doing the homestudy for our daughter we were asked by the social worker if this baby is born with say Down Syndrome, would you still be willing to adopt her? I remember looking at her in bewilderment. This child is the child God has chosen to bless us with and who am I to say that she is matter what?

    Thanks for the glimpse into you life with your two precious daughters. Kim

  9. Just found this series and read all three. I'm going to use them for inspiration to try to explain how our lives are touched everday by the gifts of autism. Thanks for sharing.
    Meg B.
    Newton, KS

  10. Hey, I stumbled upon your lovely blog today and was intrigued with the DS awareness...LOVE it. Thanks for sharing. As mom to two boys who look different and get labeled "special needs" all the time I get it and I love it. I love that we get to live life with these kids that help us see so much more ... I become more and more convinced that everyone else is missing out! :)

    Jen Decker
    Olathe, KS


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