Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whatever Craft Weekend {May 2012}

It was Whatever Craft Weekend again this weekend.

Megan and I cooked, and cleaned, played with the SWAG, and then wait for our lovely friends to show up.
I'm always so excited to meet each woman. Since I'm usually the one emailing them back and forth for months ahead of time, I end up feeling a little maternal until all of our guests have safely arrived.
And when they do, I exhale.
Then, I feed them.
Recipe here.
Feeding women who work hard to feed their own families every other day of the year is quite possibly one of my favorite all time things to do.
This time our friend Nicole was our all around helper. She has the best laugh ever. Girl can also load and unload a dishwasher like nobodies business. I love her.

As always we took the girls to our favorite antique store. 
Luckily for these ladies, my friends at the Vintage Soiree were having a sale as well this weekend so we stopped by there. This cabinet was already sold by the time I got there. At least I know the local girl that bought it, perhaps she'll let me come and's so me her. ;)
It was in the mid 90's on Saturday.
We were all ready for happy hour a la Sonic.
It was time to get back to some air conditioning, and more crafting.
Before we knew it, another weekend was over.
It was time to say goodbye, and my heart was a little sad.
I loved these girls.
I hope they all come back very VERY soon.
Craft Weekend Girls: Click here for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar recipe.
You are welcome. ;)


  1. Hi Kimberlee! It was SO fantastic to finally meet you this weekend!! I am still on cloud 9 about it. Anyway, I went grocery shopping earlier & I have all the ingredients for the chicken enchiladas, the corn salsa, AND the cheesecake. Yes.
    But if you wouldn't mind, please come over and make my family that pasta. Thank you!

  2. What a fabulous weekend!!!
    Looks like you ladies really enjoyed

  3. Fun stuff! Thanks for the link!

  4. Keep the awesome recipes coming Kimberlee! My tummy and I thank you! My rear and thighs though, not so much. ;) Thank you again for an AMAZING weekend! :)

  5. Oh, yes. Bearly Makin' it called and told me to let you know that they miss me. I need to come back to KS soon. Amen :)

  6. The food looks so wonderful! Have you ever posted your Chili recipe? If you have, I missed it. Best. Chili. EVER!

  7. it's fun to read through yours and meg's whatever craft weekend recaps.
    looks like you two have loads of fun while blessing others.
    and your meals! always look out of this world!


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