Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fro to the Yo. {Orange Leaf, I love you.}

I don't really have anything to say today.
I take that back.
I do have one thing to say: I love frozen yogurt, and I'm happy to say that it looks like it's here to stay.
I specifically love Orange Leaf.
I share this love with my family.

Ella saw a headlock opportunity and took it.
 Classic move.
 I'm so proud.

Little sister gives it back nicely, so there's no need to interrupt this kind of play.
We were the only people in there, which at the time was fun, but now sends jolts of panic throughout my body.

Is cheesecake yogurt with raspberries and blueberries that makes me feel kind of healthy in jeopardy?
Orange Leaf, I love you.
You're my favorite forever.
It is you who has my heart.

How about you?
Who makes your favorite fro-yo?
And what's your favorite combination of toppings?


  1. Fellow fro yo fan here. My loyalty lies with Yogurt Island here in Temecula. I eat the same flavor combo every time I go -- plain with raspberries. Yum. the plain has a lemon tang to it -- so addicting.

    CW this weekend?? If so, have fun with the girlies. Wish I could be there to eat some of that amazing chocolate peanut butter cake, and craft. :)

    Miss you friend.

  2. Hah! Yogurt land is the best but Tutti Frutti has an Ikea play area, so they WIN! And Taro with mochi is my favorite. Strange, yes, but you should try it.

    I also get worried when Tutti Fruitti is empty. It has closed once already but reopened. Long live FroYo!

  3. They might be a bit empty now, but when the heat kicks in they are always packed around here! My family loves it, but those giant bowls... they are deceptive... we usually come home with a little more in our bellies than we had originally thought. :)

  4. We just discovered orange leaf... I think it is their cupcake batter? flavor that I am in love with...

  5. Love the pics .... the colors in Orange Leaf are amazing! Can't wait to see ya.

  6. WE don't have an Orange Leaf. But we have Yogurt Mountain. YUMMY. MY favorite is German Chocolate Yogurt with coconut on top. No not healthy at all but so good.

  7. Those pictures are great!! Love the light!

    Hope Ella is feeling better today.

  8. Was gone for four days for job training and came back to see these funny, fantastic photos! Love, Janice

  9. Munchies is my fav. . . It's always packed with people. I know what you mean about being nervous when you fav. place seems a bit slow. I always get a taster cup of raspberry when its in. I LOVE IT!, but I think a full serving would be to much. I'm a choco and vanilla girl through and through, I like to put a little toffee candy on top.


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