Friday, May 25, 2012

InstaFriday {The Euro-American Version}

This is my first InstaFriday post, aka "Pictures I've taken with my iPhone." 
No fancy camera.
Here we go...

Last weekend I was still in Europe, where..

the jars of Nutella are bigger than the average woman's head. 
And Sunday lunches with friends look like this.
Tile floors are cold but pretty.
And the neighbor's front door makes me want to craft.
Flea Markets are where you buy breakable things and wonder later 
how you will get them home in one piece. 
Everything made it, by the way!
I flew home just in time for Ella's last day of 2nd grade.
I taught the girls how to play Uno while their dad
was hangin' with David Lee Roth.
Talia decided she was with child.
 And sister got some new wheels for summer.
It was a week that I wish I could repeat.
More European pictures will be coming soon.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you!

On Instagram I am @kimberleejost.
Creative. I know.
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  1. Lovely pictures!! It looks like you had a fun week!

  2. Loved the pics & can't wait to see more ... Welcome back to the good ol' USA ... home sweet home! :)

  3. Oh my, your flea market treasures are delightful! Those pitchers are simply lovely.
    Tell Talia to call me if her feet start swelling - we'll comiserate together.
    Love the wheels - thanks for stopping by so we could see them in action.

  4. i am impressed you got all those treasures back to the US in one piece. well done! you may have to post on your packing tips.

    we love uno in our house too. so fun!

    i love ella's bike. how cool.

  5. HA! i did my first insta-friday today too! awesome.
    i was so happy to have instagram while you were gone.
    it felt as if you weren't quite so far away.

  6. Yay! You and Meg's first insta Friday! This calls for some celebrating! And that lamp... oh my, that lamp!

  7. Lovely treasures!

    Quin told me yesterday she isn't going to be a mommy. She's going to be a preschool teacher. Apparently they are mutually exclusive.

  8. I love Ella's bike. My town has a "gang" of older women on trikes that ride everywhere together. Their bikes are all decked out in flags and ribbons and fun stuff, and I want to join them so badly.

  9. Talia is hilarious! Love Ella's bike! I have already decided I'm going to be one of those "older women" the previous comment mentioned. Love, janice

  10. Janice, you can join my Triker Gang. I'm especially jealous of the awesome, huge baskets on the back. They go to all the yard sales on Saturday morning and load up!


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