Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Typical Germany.

It's most definitely spring in Germany.
Every day is filled with small surprises.
The ones that catch my eye are the ones that are the ways of daily life and are of no surprise to anyone here.
I purchased this rustic "farmer's bread" and have since eaten it with cheese, then jam, and finally Nutella. 
I am ruined for life.
Time spent outside is a way of life.
We caught the sun as it was setting earlier this week.

This is the dailyness I could get used to.


  1. Sister I didn't know you were in Germany? What part? I have a friend/Nanny that lives there and we are hoping to go and see her in 3 years when Tally graduates from High School. Have fun! I can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. OK, so you are officially German! Your url appears to me as!
    Have a great trip! Enjoy that nutella for me!

  3. Oh Kimberlee, your pics are just so lovely. The hubs & I spent 10 days in England a few years back & I loved it ... a slower pace ... looks like Germany may be similar. Thanks for sharing & enjoy every minute of your adventure my friend :)

  4. So beautiful! Breads look wonderful. Janice

  5. i'm going to take you with me in august as my personal photographer.
    can you repay my iphone instructions with photography lessons.
    this post is making me SUPER excited to get my Euro on.

  6. My aunt lived in Germany all her life (after college) as a missionary. She said once when she was in America, the food she missed the most was good bread. After seeing that pictures, I know why. Yum! Love all of these pictures!

  7. That bread! I feel like I can taste it through the screen. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love, love, love your Germany pictures! Thanks for posting, so we can have a "taste" of what you're enjoying over there.
    Laverna B

  9. This post makes me SOOOOO Happy! When I was in high school I was an exchange student in Germany for a time. Specifically Wilhemshaven, which is as far north in Germany as you can go. It used to be some type of military port. The town is tiny and beautiful and everything feels so relaxed and fresh. Everyday my host mom would ride her bike into town, witha basket of course, and bring back delicaies from the farmer's market and bakeries for our meals. It was heavenly! I hope to go back someday and bring my hubby. I hope you are having a GREAT time! :)


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