Monday, January 23, 2012


I love it when I ask Bruce what he wants to eat for dinner and he says, "Bread, cheese and meat."

This became cinnamon rolls...for Craft Weekend.

The Love Mug rides again...

Girlie couldn't go to the basketball game that her dad was announcing, so she watched until she couldn't anymore.

Meanwhile, this girl was awake long into Saturday night. 

New glasses---we are calling "TV goggles".
She may or may not also get the nickname Kareem around here.
I spent a good chunk of Sunday at Megan's getting ready for Craft Weekend.
The happiest of hours were spent there...with one side trip.
Want to see more of what we worked on this weekend? Go here.
Also,  thank you for all the lovely comments and emails wishing me well after my trip to the hospital. I feel very loved and cared for. You all are the loveliest kinds of people to pray and think of me. My life is richly blessed by those of you living near and far. :)


  1. Glad you're feeling fine & on the go with Meg getting ready for Craft Weekend. You girls must live pretty close to Sonic, huh? The nearest one to me is about 18 (country!) miles so I don't go often ... homemade cinnamon rolls for Craft Weekend? - yummo!

  2. bread. meat. and cheese.
    think I'll make that for dinner!

  3. Loved the contrasting photos of your night owl and sleepy girl daughters. I'd be up with your night owl!

    1. The funny thing really about those pictures is that Talia is usually my night owl and NOT Ella. :)

  4. loving how adorable your girls are & so funny to see their different personalities...I have 3 myself & its always amusing to watch.
    My favorite is when they declare they will "stay up ALL NIGHT LONG!" and then, of course, are out by 10 pm. ha ha ha.
    LOVE THE GOGGLES too! SUPER CUTE just like your daughter!

  5. p.s. jealous of you having happy hour...our Sonic closed over a year ago & the nearest is over 60 miles away :(

  6. oh, i've missed you! we finally got our internet hooked back up last night, so hopefully i'll be a regular around here again. love ella's glasses. :) aaand, i might have to make cinnamon rolls later. they are so much work, but ooooh, so worth it!

  7. Your girls are precious! I hope you have a blast with Megan!

  8. Have such a wonderful crafty weekend...your antique-ing blog friend from Nebraska (we came to Hillsboro last week to shop and also Marion!. My new header turned out great. Thanks for your help :)

  9. Praying for you guys this weekend! i know it is going to be great and fill people with love and friendship!

  10. Can you post your recipe for cinnamon rolls? Thanks!


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