Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten on Ten:: January 2012

Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. 
Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments. 

Books before sunrise.
Breakfast on the way out the door to work this morning.
I have three more weeks to call.
Do you think Craft Weekend is a good enough reason to get out of Jury Duty???
I am missing the beach these days, and this cheesy painting has temporarily
escaped becoming a chalkboard because of it.
Talia modeling one of my favorite hand me down sweatshirts. 
I begged her to wear it one last time because she's outgrown it.
Sniffle. Sniffle.
I promised her an uninterrupted Tangled date this afternoon.
That movie makes me cry every single time.
Another unseasonably warm day in Kansas. I am savoring them.
Ella contemplating one more bite of her pb& j.
The best mail day ever.

The Schwan's man stopped by today. I don't know who invited him, or when he started stopping by, 
but when he has Autumn Delight Ice Cream, and it's on sale, you buy it.

Happy Tenth!

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  1. Awesome! I love this idea :) And my birthday's on the 10th, so all the better!

  2. Jury duty - yes, your excuse is you have to work.
    The beach - I have been missing it too. Let's go!
    Must be a Tangled week - it was on at our house yesterday.
    Autumn Delight - mmmmmm

  3. great photos, I really enjoyed the snippets into your day, especially because I have family over your way. I have done the chalkboard over a portrait and love it.

  4. nice ten on ten! working on mine right now : ) ps. love your milk glass collection!!

  5. fun set! I really like the scottie dog sweatshirt too! And yes, of course craft weekend is a good enough excuse! Kelly

  6. I love your set!

    I was just thinking today, "maybe I should watch Tangled since I keep hearing about it." You've confirmed it for me!

    If you need a Craft Weekend backup, I'm your girl!
    If you do have to show up, just make lots of bold statement. You'll be dismissed in no time. :)

  7. i did take pics....i am just too tired.

  8. i am liking this unseasonably warm kansas business.
    i am NOT liking this unseasonably warm california business.
    we need rain.
    and snow.
    but in california.
    not kansas.

  9. Love your pics ... thank you for sharing them Kimberlee :)

  10. I love a Tangled date! My favorite.

  11. When I logged on, there were 10 comments. 10, now 11 people appreciate your taking time to blog! janice

  12. So, the cheesy painting? Love the beach and I'd put it up for awhile also. That's the one thing I miss about Oregon. Always lived close enough to run down when we wanted to.

    ...and the scottie sweatshirt could become a pillow in it's next life...just sayin' :)

  13. Love your pics . . . I actually took 10 pics yesterday - now to post them!!

  14. Love your ten on ten! Always do.

  15. What a great set of pictures! My favorite is the one of you and your daughter on the couch...super cool!

  16. I loved this, Kim. Perhaps we should try something similar?! We shall see! Thanks for sharing...you have beautiful children!

  17. i loved the couch pic! great set!

  18. Love your set, especially the couch photo! Your macro and portrait photos are amazing.

  19. I'm watching Tangled right now. It's my littlest favorite, he screams horse, horse! every time Maximus is on the screen. Great set!

  20. Your heads, popping out from the couch, made me happy.
    I hope you are enjoying each moment of your weekend!

  21. What is Autumn Delight ice cream?! ...And craft weekend is totally a valid excuse to get out of jury duty!

  22. What a fun idea. Loved seeing how your day went... I remember when Scottie dogs were the thing :)

  23. Love your set of photos! Never had food from the Schwann Man before.


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