Monday, January 9, 2012

Will Work for Fun

This weekend was full of fun, lovely, work.
Megan and I worked on Craft Weekend stuff Saturday afternoon.
I love it when work includes shopping at an antique store with a friend.

Late afternoon, Bruce and the girls picked me up, and we drove and drove to a hotel close to where Bruce's work required his presence.
Ella has been begging for a night in a hotel since I don't know when.
"Hotel? Donuts? Pool?"
She is a girl after my own heart, that Ella.
And we were able to check all three off her list.
And add ice cream.
Bruce and I marveled at two amazing sunsets this weekend. Did you see this one Saturday night?
Amazing doesn't even begin to describe it. This is straight out of my camera, and sadly, it doesn't begin to show how jaw dropping beautiful it was. What a gift.

Speaking of gifts...Ten on Ten is tomorrow.
Are you in? You don't have to be a blogger to take 10 pics of your day. Do a Ten on Ten and add them to your family albums, or post them to Facebook. It will help you find the beauty in your day. It will be a gift you give yourself and your family in the future. It will. ;)


  1. I'm not sure why, but this post lightened my mood and made me happy.
    You make me happy.

    I owe you an email.

  2. Saturday's sunset was beyond words beautiful! I saw about ten different people's view of it when they posted it on Facebook (myself included). Kansas has the best sunsets!

  3. i am LOVING the sneak peeks at craft weekend goodness. can i tell you HOW excited i am about it?!?! :)

    anyhoodle (see how i did that....we'll use it a LOT when i visit, ok?) - me and ella have similar taste. nothing like a good hotel. what a cute kid to ask for one. that is amazing.

    i wanted a donut so bad this weekend. i had an apple fritter. which is definitely a donut upgrade. but i'm still left wanting something with sprinkles ;)

  4. ps i follow the rusted chain on instagram and she posted a crazy gorgeous sunset (so did p-dubb) this weekend. i'm thinking it was the same one. we had a CRAZYYYY one on Wednesday night. it looked like flames coming from the sky. okay that is all. :)

  5. Oh what a beautiful sunset!

  6. it was fun shopping!!!
    so fun.
    too short. :)

    i also want hotel? donuts? pool?

    i will try ten on ten.
    i bet i will fail.
    but i will try.

  7. I miss that antique store!
    I'm remembering Crystal going crazy buying everything - so fun!!

    Just a teensy bit wistful about not going to CW2.
    I know it will be f-u-n!!


  8. Were you at Bearly Makin' It in Marion? The quilt shelf reminded me of it.Fun. Ella is becoming quite an athlete!Love, janice

  9. thanks for the reminder! i don't remember the last time i did 10 on 10. its definitely time to jump back on that train! :)

  10. "Awww, she's so cute" (<- my grandgirl Anna's response to your pic of Ella in the pool:) I will try 10 on 10 - I failed miserably at it last year but I shall try again! :)

  11. very jealous.
    of the quilts, of the winter swim, of the gorgeous skies...
    it's been cold, dreary, damp and gray here.
    in every sense of the word.
    i could use an overnight trip to a hotel (spa please!) and a warm swim!

  12. Hi! I found your blog through Meg's. Is this the awesome antique shop in Marion? I almost went there this Saturday!! I have been craving a bright, pretty quilt. My best friend from college lives there and I was there for her surprise 30th. I hope you have a lovely day.
    {Fellow KS blogger} ;)


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