Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Right now...

listening to 21.
sitting at the kitchen table
drinking Diet Dr. Pepper
thinking I should be folding laundry
wanting someone else to put the laundry away
needing some time on the treadmill
thankful for Febreze Noticiables. They make my house smell like a cleaning lady has been here all day. For real.
wearing what I always wear on Tuesdays---a black hoodie and black yoga pants.
praying this Word today
feeling hopeful
dreaming of the day when my left shoulder blade will be free of the massive knot that has taken up residence there
wondering if sky diving in 2012 is a real deal resolution/goal for me?!
hoping for more warm days this winter than cold ones.
loving the stack of Christmas cards I got in the mail today. :)

How about you? What are you doing?
Tell me about your life right now...


  1. I love your blog header!

    listening to Landen talk in the shower...with Nick.
    sitting in my bedroom.
    drinking...I'll tell you what I want to be drinking...but better not.
    thinking about too many things at once...I should really just pray about it.
    wanting to take a shower and relax.
    needing to take a shower.
    thankful for bedtime and showers.
    wearing sweat pants and a hoodie...must be a tuesday thing.
    praying for a young car accident victim in ICU.
    feeling like I need to shower :)
    dreaming of chocolate cake.
    wondering if anyone has a good gluten free recipe...that will make it for me?
    hoping....I'm drawing a blank.
    loving the thought of taking a shower, reading my book, and going to bed :)

  2. Right now...

    listening to the boys not fighting.:)
    sitting in my office
    thinking I should have a plan for dinner
    wanting someone else to manage the evening
    needing some motivation
    thankful for this moment of peace
    wearing a striped cast off mens sweater, so cozy.
    praying for the energy to shine this evening and this week
    feeling a little lazy
    dreaming of money for vacation
    wondering if the toy bin in the garage will work in the youngest's room
    hoping for SNOW
    loving the fact that hubby and I put Decorations away TOGETHER yesterday.

  3. I am....
    listening to a basketball game on the radio (my hubby is a coach)
    sitting on the couch
    thinking about tomorrow - Wednesday is Grandma Day!
    wanting some hot cocoa
    needing rejuvination at my job
    thankful for my FEMA trailer as it provides a roof over our heads
    wearing black sweatpant/jeans from walmart (LOVE), a long sleeve white T and a blue crocheted vest
    praying for no flood this spring
    feeling good
    dreaming of rebuilding our home in the spring
    wondering if my new grandbaby will be a boy or girl :o)
    hoping my BFF will go to the dr
    loving life

  4. I am
    listening and watching to L.A. N.C.I.S
    Sitting in Derek's recliner
    drinking Diet Pepsi (Caffine free because I am getting old and it is getting late)
    thinking about what I need to do once we get home Friday
    wanting to be 1/2 my size without working at it.
    needing relief from my knee pain
    thankful Kimberlee posted new pictures on her blog!
    wearing jeans and t-shirt
    praying my deposit makes the bank before my bills are due
    feeling overwhelmed
    dreaming of some place warm
    wondering if in 2012 I will visit the Doctor less
    wishing I had gotten Christmas Cards out
    hoping my granddaughter doesn't surprise me tonight by joining me in bed and then peeing in same bed.
    loving time with the kids and grandkids

  5. Kat G.

    I am
    listening to The Imperials
    sitting at my desk in the kitchen.
    drinking Green Tea
    thinking of making scones
    wanting to get a haircut and somehow keep the length
    needing to organize schedules and curriculum
    thankful that my children are on schedule again.
    wearing my favorite pair of jeans and a sweater.
    praying for Mindy Tharp
    feeling the inevitability of the upcoming semester.
    dreaming of going to visit the beach with a book at dawn
    wondering about the whole sky diving idea too. Hmmm.....
    hoping that 2012 goes well
    loving the peace and quiet.

  6. My heart skipped a beat just reading you might sky dive. Sweet. Jas and I went on my 20th b-day not far from you! I'm reliving in now . :))

  7. I am
    listening to WCRF christian radio.
    sitting at my kitchen counter.
    drinking coffee with french vanilla creamer.
    thinking of travel plans for 2012.
    wanting to spring clean every room in our house.
    needing to run.
    thankful that my children are back in school.
    wearing my pajamas and robe.
    praying for my husband.
    feeling the ache in my hips from increased mileage of running.
    dreaming of spring mornings.
    wondering why the snowblower won't start.
    hoping for blessings on my family in 2012.
    loving the hugs my kids just gave me.

  8. I now have a bucket list and (before my body falls apart)I'm going snow-shoeing in 2012, if it ever snows! Janice

  9. i am so glad you are blogging!
    i read it in your voice so it's like i get a minute with you....

    i am listening to oscar peterson.
    very thirsty.
    and want a snack.
    missing time with God because i am so stubborn and lazy.
    my mind is too full of junk.
    and i need to exercise.
    the end.
    sky diving?
    oh my.
    i will take pictures for you but i would never go.
    i would have a panic attack and pee my pants.
    but you go for it.

  10. and by the way.....
    fabulous new header girl!


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