Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blowing the Whistle

I wrote this last week.
And what a week it has been since...
What if I told you that I have a magic power?
Would you believe me?
Okay, it's not actually a power, but I’m pretty sure that it’s always been there.
It's kind of a...thing I can do.

Some of you are already thinking that you know what it is.

You are thinking that I can tell when a woman is pregnant before she’s announces that she is. 
Some of you, I have made that claim about!
While I’m good at guessing, I have been wrong before.

Sometimes I see things that other people don't.

This thing I know well because I’ve lived it, and it makes me want to run.
Run fast.
Run hard.
Run in the opposite direction.

And I hate to run.

It shows up as jealousy.
It shows off as false humility.
It competes.
And covets.
And steals the sight of what’s good in ones life away.
Then, it sweeps out the legs with “what should be”, or “I wish...”.

If you feel like you can’t get anywhere in life because of what everyone else is doing…

If you feel like everyone has a relationship with Christ that you wished you had…

If by you saying that someone else is pretty, their house is nice, or their kids are well behaved, or if heaven forbid they were given a compliment of which you did not receive, and that makes you feel less valuable…

I feel compelled to tell you…the Enemy (the Devil) is after you.

The very thing that you would never admit to is the thing that He is using against so many of us. 
And I for one am blowing the whistle on him.

He’s using COMPARISON.

We just can’t get our own lives right.
And everyone we know is doing it better than we are.
Not that we would admit that something great is happening for someone else!
That would defeat us.
We lose.
And that would make us feel bad.
 Comparison sickness is real.
What’s most concerning is that many of us who have this sickness don’t know that we have it. We walk around making others feel like they want to run away from us because comparison sickness has a stench that can actually be seen.

I can see it...
in my own life and the lives of many.
And instead of running away, I have a strategy.

Here’s my plan of action to defeat the Enemy:
I’m surrendering today.
I am laying it all down and looking up, not all around.
God calls himself the lifter of our heads. (Psalm 3:3)
He places His large hands on my cheeks.
We go forehead to forehead.
Every. Single. Day.
I'm not kidding.
That’s how close it’s going to need to be for me.
I need to see the reflection of His beauty, and not anybody else’s.
He is the hope.
He is the freedom.
In Him, there is healing from comparison sickness.
What have I waited for?


  1. Beautifully written...I'm looking up too:)

  2. I love you Kimberlee!

  3. Very proud. You did an amazing job pouring out your heart and the hearts of many others.

  4. Well said. It's such a trap...comparison. Ugh. And it's been a problem momre times than I care to admit! Thanks for the word!

  5. this is very real.
    i too struggle...daily.
    He is my hope too.

  6. Thank you for sharing those tough words! I especially loved the forehead to forehead thought. Having the mind of Christ! Love, janice

  7. thank you. this is most definitely a daily challenge for me, and i really appreciate you sharing these encouraging words.

  8. Seriously! Great post! I have struggled with this a lot too, so much so that most days I don't even realize it. It happens way too often!
    I think I saw on your blog before or somewhere....something about when your feet hit the floor the devil says OH NO, SHES UP! I want to be that girl. Watch out Satan!

  9. Such TRUE words.
    What's that quote..
    "comparison is the thief of joy".
    Is it ever.

    But when I think of Him being the
    'lifter of our heads' I feel such peace.
    I love the visual of going
    forehead to forehead with Him!!
    Love this, Kimberlee!


  10. thank you kimberlee. more than anything, i needed to read this today. bless you ♥

  11. I needed to hear this - thanks!!

  12. no wonder the devil has been after you. :)
    you are preachin' the TRUTH!
    love this.
    it spoke to me.
    for sure.

  13. Love, love, love this ... beautiful and oh so relevant my friend ... thank you so much for sharing this :)

  14. Thanks for sharing your heart . .. it spoke to me.

  15. thank you for sharing this. such truth!

  16. Loved this! Needed this! I think I'll do the same.

  17. wowzers.
    you are so so right!
    clearly i am reading your blog backwards and soaking up all of this kimberlee.
    this post is very well done and the truth hurts and frees.
    thank you.
    you inspire me.
    (and i sure seems to me that God HAS your blog)


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