Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nutter Butter Blizzard

At least four times a day for the past week Bruce would look at me with that look (the one your husband gives you and you know exactly what they are thinking) and say,
"Nutter Butter".
He'll admit, the new commercial is a favorite of his. Marketing has him hooked.

Personally, I'd like to keep other people's chest hair out of the sentences that involve food, but that's just me.

So, yesterday at lunch I looked at Bruce romantically and said,
"Nutter Butter Date tonight."
To which he replied, "I was thinking the same thing."

About an hour before the girls' bedtime we loaded up and about 10 miles out of town (we have to drive 23 miles to our "local" DQ) the girls were asleep.
My plan to have a date and not pay a babysitter was working perfectly.
The sky grew dark earlier creating an even more romantic mood. Ha.

We drove up.
I was tempted to order the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup one, as usual, but this was a Nutter Butter trip, so deal me a mini, please.
He was so happy.
And you know what? It was crazy nutters  good!
The "soft serve" even tasted peanut buttery to me.
I recommend that you go out and have one today.

And just so you can, I'm giving away 2 blizzards right here!!! 

Answer this question:
What's your favorite blizzard of all time? Do you have one that's your "go to" flavor? 
Or do you try something different every time?
Comment on this post and will pick a winner Friday at noon, CST.
One comment per person.
If your name starts with Bruce and ends with Jost you are not eligible. 
We'll go on a Nutter Butter date again, soon.
I promise.
The comments are closed.


  1. Yummy giveaway :)

    My DQ cravings always get nixed by my loving husband in favor of Braum's. BUT, I still love Blizzards. And I'm with you...peanut butter cup...or maybe oreo cookie.

  2. Now you have made me hungry for some ice cream! I haven't had a blizzard in years.....but I do love Reese's or Snickers....yummmy!!!

  3. PB cup or chocolate chip cookie dough would probably be my choices. But I have a Braum's loving hubby, too, so we don't go too much. (Or he wants to drive awhile and go to Bogeys!)

    p.s. I love your little disclaimer at the end. :)

  4. Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard everytime for me:)
    Mrs. B.

  5. were you here last night???
    i was in hesston in that crazy cloud darkness last night.
    weird-o-rama skies.
    i am a butterfinger girl.
    that is my fave.

  6. M&M has always been my favorite!!

  7. Snickers blizzard for me and occasionally peanut butter cup...will have to try the nutter butter.

  8. I am a basset-hound-eyes-loyal oreo Blizzard lover. Don't go often though, because we don't like their "food" so we often don't stop there afterwards either! Amy Sterk

  9. ok - this is the funnest date without a babysitter idea ever.


    i am way impressed that it worked. :)

    i have no clue where the nearest dairy queen is.
    but with a post like this.
    and a commercial like that.

    i'll google and find out.
    here's to hoping i win :)

  10. I remember sharing blizzards growing up! We didn't go out to eat much and dessert hardly ever but on that rare occasion when Dad's persistence beat Mom's frugalness, we'd all get a different flavor and share so we could enjoy lots of different flavors. I still find it hard to pick one flavor! :)

  11. My all time favorite is the 'Pumpkin Pie' blizzard & I'm so glad it's only available during the holidays or else I'd be sooooo tempted to splurge ... often. As it is now, I can't & that's a good thing! My 'go to' fave is 'Strawberry Cheesequake' ... love, love, love it! But I gotta tell ya, I'm not one to discriminate against any of the Blizzards ... I'm ALWAYS open to trying the new ones! "Nutter Butter" -- yummo! I'll give it a try!

  12. The cotton candy blizzard they had two summers ago. A-MAZ-ING!!! Sounds gross but was delicious!

  13. I usually get m&m or chocolate chip cookie dough. But usually I get a fudge brownie ice cream blast in lieu of a blizzard. :-)
    -Debbie D.

  14. ahh so sweet! don't you love sleepy kids in their car seats with necks all falling over.

    my favorite blizzard is oreo or butterfinger. YUM!

  15. I like peanut butter flavored Blizzards, but won't be able to try this one since it's not GF. :( Bruce better have another one for me! :)

  16. I always get a butterfinger blizzard - I always say I am going to try something new, but I don't. I will however have to try the nutter butter blizzard!

  17. Give me something with peanut butter, please. Actually make it a double.

  18. I think this is my favorite giveaway yet. Butterfinger is my all time fav but peanut butter cup comes in second. Sara W
    p.s. I think I recognize that dolly.

  19. Nutter Butter Blizzard? I've never heard of that. Sounds amazing! I'm certain that will be my favorite...once I try it!

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