Monday, February 6, 2012

Embracing Four

Talia is embracing a lovely, dreamy, passionate four year old existence these days.
She is breathless a half dozen times per day.
The other night during the middle of a wild Kansas thunderstorm, she said, "Mom, you know what? The lightening is a surprise for my eyes." Then, for effect, she closed those eyes, and promptly went to sleep.
On Saturday night we drove to the airport to pick up Bruce, she said, "Mom, when Daddy's gone my heart feels a little lost without him." She spoke exactly what I had felt all week.
In the bathroom at a friends' Super Bowl party last night, she declared, "I want to have a baby of my own." I told her that someday she could get married, and have her own baby she replied, "I wonder if I already know who I am going to marry?"
When we went to bed, I prayed for the man she might someday marry.
She interrupted my prayer and said, "Why are you praying for him?!"
I had to think quickly.
I said, "Because I love you."
What other reason could a mother to a lovely, dreamy, passionate four year old girl really have other than that?! 


  1. what a beautiful and awesome idea I have never thought of! To pray for the man she might marry. love that.

    she is a cutie. and you can tell her that my husband is out of town for nearly two weeks, and my heart was lost all day today....

    love how wonderfully simple kids put things.
    I need to listen to them more often.
    there is genus in simplicity.

  2. oh my, what a little honey! treasure her, hold her close. someday whe will be a grown-up honey like my baby who is 23 1/2!!

  3. Oh, I am totally melted.
    I love that age!

    Hugs to you dear friend!

  4. that little left-handed cutie pie is looking TOO adorable in those big ribbon bows.
    you just melted my heart. :)

    and then reading her 4 year old thoughts...
    gushing like a river. love it all.

    what a privilege to be her mama.

  5. My heart feels a little lost with out her! Nana

  6. So sweet! I love my passionate little four-year-old too. I don't know if I would call him lovely and dreamy though. Wild, dangerous and funny perhaps.

  7. I believe she and Leah think along the same wavelengths..haha, those questions sound very familiar :) Questions that can drive you crazy one day and melt your heart the next

  8. Okay, this made me teary eyed!!! What a doll. She is lucky to have you as her mama & vice versa.

  9. What an absolute sweetheart she is. Im sure she keeps life interesting. We have a 6 year old just like her around here and I wouldnt trade her for the world:)

  10. Kimberlee - I love this!
    I agree with Mel - how blessed you are to have each other.
    And I feel the same way with my little 4 year old - I wish she would stay 4 for a long, long time.


    Especially those ribbons in the hair!

  12. :) she is a sweet girl.
    waffle agrees with me.
    and Coco too.

  13. Adorable; love how that girls mind thinks. . . . sounds like her and Tatum could be quite the duo!!

  14. made me all kinds of teary eyed!

  15. your 4 year old and my 4 year old would get along perfectly :-) what a sweetie!


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