Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whatever Craft Weekend {January 2012}

How about a little Whatever Craft Weekend eye candy for your Wednesday?

Picture courtesy of Meg Duerksen
I spent much of this weekend happily getting to know these beautifully, smart, courageous, creative women. Amazing is who they are. They just can't help it.

To the 14 Crafty Ladies we hosted... thanks for coming to the windy state of Kansas to get your craft on. Come back soon. I'll be happy to feed you. If you'll let me. ;)
Read more about the January 2012 Craft Weekend from:
Kimberlee G.


  1. You have no idea how your pictures make me want to come! Your next weekend needs a speaker from California! Janice

  2. It looks like it was so much fun! Can you share the cake recipe? It looks divine. I couldn't find it on your site anywhere. Thanks!

  3. ohhhhh girl. what a fun time we had.
    i love looking at all of these pictures - they make me so happy! :)

    thanks for all the giggles and grubb. :)

    I definitely need your breakfast bake and cinnamon roll recipes.
    OH and your chicken enchiladas.
    THOSE were grubb.
    seriously, i am going to make all of those.

    pin them, then make them, then blog about them.

    see how i did that? two birds, one stone!

  4. I am so dang hungry and I miss your guts.

  5. So fun. Love it all.....coming to a CW is officially on my Bucket List. Must make it happen. Miss you & Meg. So glad Jess & Kim came!!!!!!

  6. Ok and me. We're there. Cuz I was just going to write the same comment about my bucket list and all.
    Seriously, it looks like every inch of this weekend was amazing. And yes, you can cook for me anytime Kimberlee:)

  7. Looked like an amazing weekend. This girl living in the corn state needs your corn recipe. YUMMy looking. Glad you had fun, I'm sure you are wiped. Hope Jury duty was quick for ya.

  8. OH, how fun! So many great, great memories! Isn't cuppa kim the coolest? :)

  9. What a fun weekend, and what fun to read about it on your blog. Thank you for all the delicious food!

  10. These pictures make me happy/sad. I want to go to a craft weekend so badly, mostly to get to hang out with you and Meg again!! Move to the Bay Area, ok? xoxo!

  11. fun! love the photos, so much joy. thanks for sharing!

  12. This is making me so excited! And excited to meet you :)

  13. This sounds fantastic! Do these still happen?!?

    1. Yes! Go here for more details:


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