Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Have Issues.

It should go without saying that I had a fabulous time at Craft Weekend.

I came home, didn't do anything for two days, and thought about sour cream more than anyone should. Sour cream is the number one ingredient in the Craft Weekend diet in case you're wondering.  I could tell you that it's fat free, but I'd be lying and lying really isn't my issue.
My current issue is that I have a slight obsession for hot coffee. At Megan's house, I fell in love with Keurig.

Have you met Keurig? Surely you have because I feel like I'm the last one to make his acquaintance.
He is:
Hot coffee.
Whenever you want it.
Instantly without being instant.
It's a big deal.
I was crushin'.
I never considered the fact that my habit of drinking day old coffee warmed up three times in the microwave was really that big of a deal...until the end of the first Craft Weekend.

And I had to go home.
Without Keurig.

I daydreamed about Keurig in the morning, at 3 pm, and after dinner.
And now since the second Craft Weekend at Meg's house, I missed Keurig something terrible.

I didn't even realize what kind of issues I was having until it literally was the writing on the wall.
My canvas from Craft Weekend. Inspired by this.
Today, while Bruce was out and about, Keurig moved into our house.
I texted "Mr. lovesmesomuch and would make me coffee anytime I asked him to" and he replied, "Easier than a puppy." Hmmm....he remembers.
It's a good thing we just looked at them today.
Like I said, I've got issues.


  1. YES.
    yes times infinity.

    meg's keurig ruined me too.
    we got one for the office as soon as i got back.
    (i guess i have a lot of coffee influence around here).

    it was a glorious three weeks.
    and i gave it back up this morning.
    for forty days.

    39 more to go til i can party with you and our keurigs (virtually, of course)

  2. Dag it! I missed the keurig, too?!?!? I missed EVERYTHING!

  3. Oh, Kimberlee - This makes me laugh & I am so happy for you!:) Jen Gutz

  4. bwahahhaaaahahaa!

    love the canvas.
    love the keurig.
    love y'all too.

  5. Haha...Im not a coffee drinker at all which is funny because this year I went back to work as a teacher and the other teachers keep heckling me that they'll convert me. Nope. I love the smell, hate the taste. And Im a hot cocoa lover. "Acquired taste" most people tell me. To which I respond: "why would I want to give myself one more thing to be addicted to? Food is bad enough:)"
    But Im happy for you that you're happy. Enjoy your new machine!

  6. Thanks - this made me laugh out loud! My Mom and her parents are (and were) the royal family of, "Well, if you are making it..."

  7. While I have friends that love, love, love Mr. Keurig I have not been formally introduced to him. YAY you! What a sweet guy your hubby must be! :) Enjoy!

  8. I've had my Keurig for 4 years. My mom gave it to me and I thought it was the dumbest gift. I HAVE a perfectly good working coffee maker. Wrong. I LOVE that thing and travel with it. Yup.

    So fun to discover your blog from stalking all of Meg's pics from Craft Weekends. What a wonderful way you girls serve and minister to these women!

  9. and how nice that you can buy it locally! :)

  10. as much as i hate the price of the coffee.....i could never go back.
    it's too easy.
    so fast.
    no brainer.
    i am so HAPPY you have one too.
    SO HAPPY!!!!
    good call on the is so much easier.

  11. Not a coffee drinker, but I can understand the machine's appeal. Still waiting for that PB Cake recipe... it looks to die for!

  12. I would give up hot coffee for the right puppy.

  13. Keurigs are so awesome! Any chance that you will post your PB cake recipe? I'm drooling........

  14. Oh, yes. Mr. Keurig is a hottie! I don't blame you for adding him into your home.
    Good call. I am a "coffee-pot" drinker. Speaking of issues... I have issues. :)

  15. My Mom just got one. A Keurig...not a puppy. :-)
    I'm green with envy. So much so that I'm trying to decide if I should dip into my ipad savings account and go adopt one. But that ipad is weighing heavy on the wish list too. To be properly (and instantly) caffeinated? Or able to blog when kids are on the computer? It's a really hard choice. Maybe a puppy WOULD be easier.

  16. I still don't have one :(
    but it's on my wish list.

  17. My grandma would make a pot of coffee and drink it for a few days and just heat it up. We bought her a Kuerig for Christmas. When she opened it she said "I have seen these on tv and they are just so fancy.", and then whispered to my Dad that she was nervous she wouldn't be able to use it.
    We got it set up, showed her how to use it and the next day she was ready to throw away her coffee pot. :) She is in love!

  18. Not to sound harsh, but if you decide to buy a dog or puppy, please consider looking at your local SPCA. It looked as though the sweet Shih Tzu? was in a pet store. The more we purchase these dogs in these sad situations the more they will keep selling them. Agh!


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