Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday, Thursday.

1. Ella read 9 of the 17 words on her sight word list this morning before school.
    I think she's memorizing the list.
    She said one of the words before I showed it to her. Smartypants!
2. I laughed outloud when I read an email that said, "Congrats on Blowing the Whistle."
    I wonder if she really meant "Girl, you better duck"?
   Yesterday was a doozie, people.
   Your sweet comments/emails, and some major time with my forehead to
   His got me through.
3. I am quoting "You are a shield around me." all day long today.
4. Talia was greeted at daycare by a blaring Barry Manilow Copacobana jam session.
    Little Fanilows crack me up.
5. It's September. Preschool starts on September 13.
   That's same day as the season premiere of Parenthood. 
    September 13 might be one of my favorite days this September.
6. I signed my name twice in an email to some girlfriends this week.
   Because I guess I really meant it?
7. Death by Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake. You couldn't get it at the Copacobana,  
    but you can eat it at my house and at Craft Weekend.  Does anyone know how to get
    Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake to stop talking to you?
8. We are headed into day 51 of 100 plus degrees this summer.
    It's been a hot, dry, stinky one. I'm cooked.
9. Speaking of stinky, what word do you use at your house for flatulence?
    I'm just curious.   We use the word "toot". My dad uses the word "pert".
   Yes, like the shampoo. I'm sure the Pert people would love to know that.
10. And for your listening pleasure...because it's going through my head, and I need a
     few people to join me, hit it, Barry.


  1. Oh my...that brings back some seriously good childhood memories! How do I remember the words some 30 years later? Sheesh. God's blessings on your day!

  2. In case you really wanted to know and because I live with two boys, a frequent question around here is "Who dropped a bomb?" Most likely candidate? Molly the Dog. She is a delicate (albeit stinky) flower. :)

    P.S. Can anyone tell me exactly why toots/bombs are so funny to males?

  3. that video is hysterical.
    i loved that song as a kid....LOVED.
    i think i had it on a 45 that i played on my smurf record player.
    they aren't supposed to talk about it at our house....the pert.
    i get super uncomfortable about it so i just say NO talking about it...doing it...etc. i think i am crazy too. but it's how i was raised. not acceptable in public. but that is just me. i don't think it's practical. and my friends make fun of me for it. HA!
    and i am feeling weak already about the cake.

  4. I memorized word lists and my favorite books before I learned how to read. I had fun showing off - then my Mom caught on :)

  5. Our family "putters". My siblings and I thought golf was hilarious as kids..."And, he's using his putter for this one.." Bahahahah! Amy Sterk

  6. The Dials 'toot' (I just made myself LOL when I read what I typed!) I'm not sure the Pert people would appreciate it but I think your dad's word is hilarious (I'm still laughing as I type this!) Having raised sons, I agree with Tricia ... males think flatulence is very funny and I have no idea why! This post cracked me up Kimberlee (I'm literally still laughing! ;) Thank you!

  7. being the mom of two sweet girls who are now 23 and 25 1/2 we used the word "fluff". :) your girls are adorable!! cherish these little girl days and look forward to the days they will be your very best friends in every way. have a grand weekend.


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