Friday, August 31, 2012


Here is a very long post of what we've been up to this August.
All photos were taken with my phone.
I love my phone.
This month was filled with house projects that took place right outside my kitchen window. 
I learned that I not only like to eat pie, I like making pie.
Lisa Leonard taught me (and all the Craft Weekend Ladies) how to handstamp jewelry.

This is the one that I made.
It's taken from Isaiah 43:19 in the Message Bible.
I am wearing it nearly every day.
Rice bowls became one of my favorite things to eat.
Ella kept on losing teeth.
The pediatrician's office was visited more than once.
Both of my girls had strep last week.
Keri sent me this beautiful mug when I participated in CuppaKim's Mugswap.

I spent an evening with Bruce's family and Jerry Seinfeld.
And we sent Ella to 3rd grade.

Talia started gymnastics again.
I got brave and read this book.
I saw a beautiful girl study her reflection in a mirror.
And I decided to dig out my big camera. I missed her.
 I found a new cupholder at the grocery my purse.
And just this morning I made 12 pretty beds at the Craft House.

Are you on Instagram yet?
Oh it's so fun.
You should be.
You can find me @kimberleejost.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
life rearranged


  1. I love the saying in that last photo! I am going to have to use that...often! (Oh yeah, the only danger of combining your new cupholder with a sonic drink, is the dreaded straw puncture. Be very careful, I HEAR it's a pain to clean up ;)Amy Sterk

  2. Bloom. Great book. Do you follow Kelle's blog? And I love the saying on your stamped necklace. Quite a reminder...thank you.

  3. What happy girls you have! And what a gorgeous bedroom in that last photo. So jealous you've met Lisa Leonard. My kids peek over my shoulder enough when I am looking at her blog that, when I came home with new red hair today (it's curly like hers), my 3-year-old said, "You look sort of like Lisa Len-newd."

  4. You are so very lucky to have been a part of that craft weekend! I love the necklace you made.
    Your rice bowl looks so good-I don't make those nearly enough!

  5. fun! some day i would LOVE to be at craft weekend! gorgeous mug, hooray for the swap!
    i need to read that book. the sister hug at school melts me.

    happy weekend, cutie!! xo

  6. Good morning dearest! You have been ON MY HEART all week. Did you know that I really, really think you are awesome... all of you... not just the parts that I have gotten to know so far. I look forward to knowing more and more of you as you share more with us. You are beautiful and your story inspires me! It does!

  7. i miss you! good to hear from you. :)
    loooove those stamped necklaces. gorg.
    i think craft weekend might be on its way to my bucket list...

  8. I shall follow you on IG. I'll be up to speed by the time I make it to Kansas in January. Can't wait! I've "read" Kelle since Nella's Bloom this summer. I've learned so much. Happy back-to-school for you and the girls. Tere.


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